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Get Business Central Solutions for Professional Services Industry to Scale Up and Drive Growth

Professional services companies can drive greater benefits and ensure scalability from a robust and agile Professional Services ERP Software that consolidates their project management, resource management, accounting processes and optimizes daily operations. In such a case, leveraging Dynamics 365 solutions for Professional Services that comes under Business Central for small and medium enterprises can help lead the competitive edge efficiently. From manufacturing to processing and sales to marketing departments, businesses can make the most of Business Central and rely on real-time data to ensure they run the business effectively. Not only it helps understand and eliminate the business silos but improve the customer experience thereby as well.

ERP for Professional Services drives

  • Operational Visibility
  • Better Financial Reporting
  • Faster Communication
  • Customer Experience
  • Real-Time Data Access

Business Central Solutions helps run your business effectively as it delivers


If you are using NAV for the Professional Services Industry, you can upgrade NAV to Business Central by connecting with an accredited NAV/Business Central Solution Provider, NavisionIndia, and drive extensive automation. With such inventive capabilities, you can level up manual tasks to automation and focus more on increasing customer experience. Business Central, a SaaS ERP by Microsoft, systematically reduces operating costs. Automation helps your employees have more time to spend on tasks that improve sales and get leads to increase revenue.

Operational Visibility

A scalable and highly efficient ERP for Professional Services like Business Central delivers a 360-degree view of entire business operations at a single instance, irrespective of the size of the company.  Thereby, automated operations ensure tasks are not forgotten or run out of sequence. Business administrators can make sure that prerequisite jobs are completed on time, the input data is correct, and any special processing is performed.

Financial Reporting

You can better plan and manage your business expense via in-depth, real-time, and comprehensive view of the financial compliances offered under Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions for Professional Services. You can easily check cash flow reports, analyze trends, and capitalize on it.

Faster Communication

Real-time data synced and updated in one system drives seamless communication between different business departments. You can establish better collaboration and expect cooperation for project planning, resource scheduling, quick collaborations, accurate financial estimates, and more.

Customer Experience

Impressing your customers involves serving them with extensive customer experience and hospitality to help meet their unique demands. Business Central Solutions helps businesses reach their customers anytime and solve their queries faster by having all the data they need to be stored in a system near them. 

Real-Time Data Access

You can drive business insights right away, make more well-informed decisions based on data, react to situations without any further delay, and mitigate the damage by leveraging the core capabilities of an ERP for Professional Services like Business Central. You can make the most of it to sync data between systems without any manual effort by your employees. Professional Services Companies can yield meaningful results as well.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a SaaS cloud solution by Microsoft that delivers a scalable and cost-effective option to brands that need to be agile to respond to social and economical changes. Dynamics 365 Business Central enables a truly integrated and connected business with real-time data at your fingertips by synchronizing business processes across all the necessary and important touchpoints. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps firms dealing with Professional Services:

  • Managing Resource Utilization,
  • Better Finance Planning
  • Analyzing Costs Needed To Be Shelled Out At Any Given Point Of Time
  •  Better Project Control By Tracking Information 
  • Visualizing Project Estimates Easily
  • Review Commitments Without Losing Sight
At NavisionIndia, you can connect with our acclaimed and experienced Business Central Consultants to optimize business benefits and improve key operations across professional services. We let you unleash your growth potential within stipulated time as we done for many professional services companies and helped them capitalize on trending opportunities effectively. 

For more details on Professional Services ERP Software, connect with us at info@navisionindia.in Or Schedule a Demo

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