Business Central Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an extensively engineered business platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, which you can extend and customize to fit your unique business needs. To one step ahead, it has come up with Dynamics 365 Business Central Professional Services with integrated tools, industry-leading practices, and automated processes to let you witness unprecedented customization and development. Our dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Development and Customization team delivers the right set of solutions, information, facts, figures, and functions covered under standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution for Professional Services and required to ensure successful development.

Business Central Professional Services

Business Central Customization offers:

  • Development of an integrated environment
  • Improved defining of rates and contracts handling
  • Time-saving and resource-saving capability
  • Centralized information in one place
  • Role Personalization
  • Automated Payment Process for third-party
  • Improved tracking of costs, milestones, and deadlines

Business Central Customization and Development Benefits

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a set of solutions, which is open to custom and third-party software enhancements. By customizing this extensive cloud-native business management solution, you can:

Customize Assigned Role— Change the user interface for a profile or role to help so all users of that role see a customized workspace. You can control and manage users’ personalization by disabling the ability to personalize pages and clearing any page personalization.

Change Visible UI Elements—The Experience setting helps you check the quantity of functionality displayed in the user interface. Delivering Business Central for Professional Services in India for multiple organizations, we know exactly how to meet such requirements without a hitch.

Enable Colors On Role Centers— You can set up Cues that appear on users’ Role Centers. You can include an indicator to put color-change mode based on the Cues’ values.

Install An Extension— Acclaimed as an astute Dynamics 365 Business Central Development And Customization In India, we can help you add Extensions, the small applications adding functionality, change behavior, provide access to new online services, and more.

Next, you can avail of Customization for Business Central to increase overall efficiency. Considering this, we put special focus on delivering professional services while offering Dynamics 365 Business Central Development and Customization in Delhi, Noida. Being an expert in the field, we understand ERP is highly sophisticated, all-inclusive; put our industry-specific expertise to offer the best-suited customization and development in Business Central. Primarily, we offer Business Central for professional services in Delhi and cover other parts of the country, too. In fact, with the release of license in India, we are planning extensively for many businesses get migrated from Navision to Business Central without much hassle.

Other Customization Options of Business Central Professional Services

  • Connecting to external data sources (bank, accounting software, or other legacy platforms)
  • Adding all types of reports (compliance and regulatory reporting)
  • Creating role-specific dashboards/tasks for a specific job or department.
  • Adding industry-specific market data for products chosen for selling.
  • Creating a newsfeed flagged to a product reflecting trends.

Why NavisionIndia for Business Central Professional Services?

We are accredited as an adept Business Central Development and Customization company in India and better known for assisting our clients in driving scalability and flexibility. Our inventive Business Central Professional Services can help you witness robust growth and prepare for the future as well. Moreover, while you plan to upgrade Navision to Business central and extend other capabilities of your updating solution, we can help you connect and share your business vision with Integration expert for Business Central as well.

Along with Delhi and other regions, we are known for delivering adept Business Central for Professional Services in Noida as well and open to serve potential businesses as and when required. Our easy to implement and uncompromised solutions across Dynamics 365 Business Central Professional Services gives you the competitive lead to thrive in the advanced business world proficiently.

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