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Why To Use Microsoft Dynamics AX To Drive Value Across Your Enterprise

As organizations are adopting digital transformation, they are keen on integrating all the aspects of the business. They are looking for a solution that not only connects and streamline processes but also add value to them. Microsoft Dynamics AX is one such solution that enables large enterprises to streamline administrative and manufacturing processes of their business. Designed and developed to cater industries such as retail, manufacturing, service-based, distribution and the public sector, Dynamics AX keeps important things top of the line, like engaging with customers, running simplified operations, markets expansion, etc.

Reasons To Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX

Financial Management: As a centralized financial management solution with embedded analytics and business intelligence, Dynamics AX enables organizations to control budget and cost while maximizing operational efficiency with employees' role-based work-spaces & task prioritization.

Improve Operational Efficiency: Unify retail points such as social media, mobile websites, e-commerce stores to make merchandising effective. Optimize manufacturing parameters such as make to stock, make to order, pull to order, configure to order, and engineer to order while streamlining scheduling with real-time visibility into resources.

Automate Supply Chain:- Dynamics AX helps you to synchronize logistics across transportation modes, warehouses, and sites. Dynamics AX further enables faster response to customer demand with predictive insights across all sites and warehouses while offering you greater control over the supply chain.

Flexible Deployment & Adaptability:- Dynamics AX is highly scalable with rapid deployment option and can be adaptable to changing requirements while maximizing your existing investment. Driven by business intelligence and machine learning, Dynamics AX will guide your teams to the right business outcomes.

Simplify Regulatory Requirements: Manage policies, documents, audit trails, reports, and key risk indicators through a centralized system with enhanced control based on specific risk and compliance scenarios.

Globalization: With high transaction rates alongside in-built features like languages, currencies, and legal requirements for more than 30 countries, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to drive global business opportunities.

Customization: As an all-in-one scalable solution, Dynamics AX can be customized as per your business needs. Developers can design, edit, compile and debug within a single screen.

Dynamics AX helps in improving the financial performance of your organization by streamlining your business activities which is, in fact, the main objective of any business. Furthermore, it offers a competitive edge with enhanced security and customer experiences.

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