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Why should you upgrade Dynamics NAV?

  • New Functionality and Features

    Microsoft is making a huge investment in product development. By adding more features and functionality, they want to make sure that every customer has a great experience with the product and remains loyal to Microsoft.

    In latest release, Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables your employees to get their work done on any device, no matter where they are in the world. Increase your productivity and access your business management systems and documents from anywhere, to submit or approve orders, and collaborate with others.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 with integrated Power BI is specifically designed to meet the requirements of small and medium business The fully-featured model serves as the foundation for dashboard and reports, enabling you to explore and work on data as needed.

  • Support and Maintenance Cost

    The latest Development Designer allows the developer to perform complex coding tasks and issue analysis much faster than in previous versions of NAV, directly affecting the cost of every single issue analysis, resolution, and feature request. If the issue or feature is for an older version of NAV, any development, at the very least, perpetuates the old technology, adding to code debt and ultimately making it harder to upgrade.

    By making technological decisions based on the latest current NAV version, Code Debt is mitigated. Developing in the latest NAV version, it will be much more likely that code changes will adhere to the latest “best practices” and will more likely be automatically merged in the next upgrade, virtually guaranteeing zero percent interest on that code debt.

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