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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a way better ERP?

In order to maintaining optimum growth and smooth working of an organization, one can face some hard-to-tackle issues with existing ERPs. Common of them are listed below:

  • On premises handling: When the system is off, the information is not accessible.
  • Improper Data Mining: Lack of accurate data may deliver inaccurate analysis.
  • Manual Processing can cause duplicate or wrong entries.
  • Financial accounting not included/integrated with sales or purchase process properly.
  • Undefined Work-Flow does not provide optimized business management.
  • Audits are tricky with no definite results.

To answer all the above difficulties, Microsoft has come up with an effective cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software this year widely known as “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central”. It provides a complete business solution to all kind of enterprises whether they are small, medium or large. It is integrated with various quality features which are as follows:

  • Cloud ERP: All the information and data can be accessed from anytime and anywhere. Also, the data is completely secured, and you don’t need to manage or maintain your own infrastructure.
  • Automation: All the business processes can be automated with easy-to-create work flow and then can be easily monitored. Also, it eliminates chances of errors as compared to manual processing. This also give you the ease to interact the process automatically with each other to provide accurate and on-time results.
  • Customized dashboards and Powerful Reporting: It helps in predicting the growth and consequences of a decision related with business. You can customize the KPI dashboard as per roles and requirements. Top of that, the powerBI will give you analytical tool for your business analysis.
  • Connection with clients:It helps to understand the clients and their requirements better. Using customer history and the analysis will give you the chance to interact and connect socially at different channels.
  • Data Importability: Data from the Central database can be imported in excel, csvand word files can be created directly for in house processing.
  • Financial Monitoring: No need to invest in accounting software, it has all within it.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central successfully streamlines complete processing of a business considering healthy customer relationship and helps it to grow exponentially. Thus, for the continuous progress of an organization, Business Central plays a significant role.

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