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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics Nav To Escalate Business Growth?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a highly adaptable ERP solution, rendering extensive assistance to small and medium enterprises for efficient planning and management. This intuitive solution optimizes fast communication, provides a simplified interface, and assists in the detailed analysis of all the key operations of the business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, businesses can keep employee records, manage areas of human resources and deploy human capital in more productive operations efficiently.

Core Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

To meet the changing and challenging demands of the global market, business organizations need quick, convenient, and cost-effective ERP solutions to grow. Expertise can help the enterprises develop and deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for a substantial increase in productivity. Besides its multi-currency transaction, multi-language capabilities, and AI-driven insights to meet global regulatory compliance, it renders numerous flexible options and service plans to put an enterprise at the top.

Easy and Quick— Offering multiple functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been quick, convenient, and easy to use. It is specifically designed to assist the user do the relevant jobs and increase productivity. Its Role Tailored Client capability smoothens this process efficiently.

Multifarious Functionalities— With the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, administrators are facilitated with numerous applications to stimulate industry-specific operations, even if the organization is mid-sized. Capabilities of the multi-currency transaction, multi-location access, and multi-company interaction make it a preference for small and medium enterprises to grow and expand.

Scalability— Microsoft Dynamics NAV runs on Microsoft SQL Server, which fastens its response time. Optimizing the advanced features of memory cache, bulk insert, and indexed views increase the scalability of the business operations. With this capability, business administrators can add more users adaptable to the potential of the server.

Hosting— Rendering a choice to deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV either on the cloud or in the on-premises data center has made it feasible for small and medium enterprises. Also, it can be hosted with Microsoft Azure if the organization finds it convenient enough. With such a capability, business administrators have alternatives to maintain tasks and manage operations as per their complexity, budget, and resources.

Auditable— Businesses, especially small and medium-sized, often get troubled with tracking past events or operations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides extensive assistance to keep a track of all that happened in the past and connect it with the present, summarizing the overall impact. It facilitates with linking of the transaction from one functional area to another and its effectiveness as well. With this capability, business administrators can bid farewell to discrepancies and reconciliations for impeccable transactions.

Customizable— The instinctive structure of Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it fast and affordable when it comes to its customization. It is plausibly the most resourceful ERP solution as it renders full access to the source code. This enables administrators to amend any business logic efficiently. Also, customization helps businesses evade dead-ends and meet the requirements as and when demanded.

Accessible— Business administrators can access Microsoft Dynamics NAV from anywhere with an internet connection to execute the operations. Extending this from office location to remote professionals, it facilitates a quick reach on the centralized software solution efficiently.

Key Functional Areas

Organizations deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV can gain profitability with its intuitive interface and transparency with its longevity for better strategic planning and proficient execution of specific business operations.

This instinctive ERP solution proffers endless possibilities to improve performance and productivity in the following areas:

Finance and Accounting— Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables business organizations to manage accounting, inventory and cash flows, process receivables, and oversee fixed assets. Particularly, it enables small and medium enterprises to operate with multiple currencies, locations, and organizations, executing all the financial operations efficiently.

Supply Chain— Business administrators can stimulate collaboration with their partners utilizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It enables professionals to manage inventories, upgrade response time, set-up custom approvals, and get updates on innovative market prospects to grow business.

Manufacturing— Fulfilling the on-going demands of the customers can be accomplished efficiently with the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Its functionality to retain agility and rendering quick response to the customers optimizes the profitability of the manufacturing operations. Businesses can improve planning and strategize execution of order placement and delivery diligently.

Warehouse— Microsoft Dynamics NAV assists businesses to manage lots, serial and expiration to stimulate warehouse management. Offering cartonization, multi-zone picking, license plates, shipping solutions, and container receiving, enables enterprises to monitor delivery schedules and optimize storage locations utility extensively.

Inventory— Small and medium enterprises can automate most resourceful procedures and streamline operations with the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It enables businesses to manage to update the data straightaway from the warehouse, avoiding repetitive data entry. It helps integrate all the facets, upgrade order execution and access history of the delivered items as well.

Sales— Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to manage customers and sales data on a single, cloud-based platform with utmost simplified applications. Professionals can create and steer marketing campaigns to drive the promotion of the services. It assists them in delivering constituent services, manage contracts and analyze the market to accelerate sales and gain benefits.

Project Service— With the functionality of project service automation, Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows enterprises to prepare financial statements and strategize capacities proficiently. Rendering automated invoicing, tracking utilization and cost of resources, and forecasting, this ERP solution prompts productivity in project management.

Service Management— Assessment of services delivered is one of the essentials to track the growth of the business, particularly it has a great impact on emerging businesses or small and medium enterprises pursuing expansion. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables them to oversee customer calls and respond to inquiries within a stipulated time. Tracking support orders, creating reports, managing assets, and allocating resources are some of the key functionalities to optimize service management.

HCM— With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, businesses can keep employee records, manage areas of human resources and deploy human capital in more productive operations efficiently. Automated data entry helps avoid redundant processes and reduces the margin of error in data entry as well. Administrators can track job opportunities within their organization, track employee benefits and company properties, regulate absence management, manage in-house payroll process and meet complex regulatory compliance with human capital management with convenience.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV steers productivity by supervising processing, sharing, and reusing information to automate and execute business operations within an organization. Boosting customer services in a stipulated budget and rendering AI-driven business insights, this highly adaptable cloud-based ERP solution assists small and medium enterprises to ascertain global recognition and procure escalating growth.

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