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Why Businesses Need to Upgrade or Replace their ERP Solution with Business Central?

If you planning to upgrade your existing ERP solution or considering purchase a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, you can opt for Business Central Consulting Services. However, If you are still struggling with making a choice and facing dubious situation-whether to go for an upgrade, considering connecting with an acclaimed Business Central Service provider.

In case, you have a good reason, but you might be hesitant as it’s a big investment in money, time, and resources, and the entire process of selecting and then implementing an ERP can be tedious, connecting with accredited solution providers can help you take a decisive move.

For the most part, Business Central comes with strategic advantages of a modern ERP–mobility, security, system maintenance and many more. However, there are many more practical, day-to-day benefits as well.

Here, you can come across the key practical reasons for replacing your ERP with Business Central

  • Automated Tasks 

As ERP solutions have evolved, they have modified to enable businesses to automate workflows throughout. It’s likely that your current ERP may not have this ability, which would have resulted in taking up manual tasks by your staff. 

Here, replacing your current ERP with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central will allow you to automate tasks. This way you can not only takes the burden off your staff, but avail of the business benefit of eliminating errors that often occur due to manual intervention in the tasks.

  • Consolidated Data

Businesses are still relying on spreadsheets and disparate systems which might get them by, but it also includes scattered data across those tools and systems. This results in unclear picture of business performance, core operations, and their impact on the overall business gains. Without consolidated data, business administrators can’t make important decisions confidently. For the most part, legacy ERP systems are siloed and spreadsheets are deployed to fill in the gaps. Replacing your ERP with a modern ERP like Business Central will enable you to pull data from other sources into one place and easily view that data in real time. Additionally, you can make proactive, informed decisions via interactive dashboards. Also, if you are seeking Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support, you can go with Business Central ones as it is the updated version of the software and has inventive capabilities to streamline key operations.

  • Updated Functionality with Flexibility

Legacy ERP systems are although feature-rich, they tend to lack flexibility. Moreover, they are older and they lack all those functionalities that a business may require now to keep pace with the advancing world. Business Central and similar modern ERP systems lay an emphasis on extensive flexibility and scalability so that they can work the way new businesses work and conform to the existing processes.

Here, replacing your ERP with a modern system like D365 Business Central can be much more future-proof.

  • Streamlined Month-End Closing

Month-end (or year-end) closing can be tedious, tiresome, and excessively time-consuming. In such a case, leveraging Business Central can outpace legacy systems. These inventively engineered cloud-based business management solutions are equipped with innovative tools to streamline closing processes by automatically processing transactions and generating audit trail and reports.

By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central under the aegis of a acclaimed Business Central Solution Provider Partner like Navisionindia , businesses across different domainscan do wonders with adaptive technology solutions. Also, we can let you know if NAV to Business Central Upgrade, offer Dynamics NAV support, and can drive you business performance and multiplied revenue.

Connecting with an experienced partner like us can let you unveil many more ways to progress and innovate with this highly scalable and advanced services software solution.

To drive scalability and flexibility with Business Central, you can connect with us at info@navisionindia.in Or Schedule A Demo

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