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What's New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017?

SharePoint and Office 365 integration with Dynamics NAV

When accessing email (Outlook) from Office 365, you will now see a hotlink for Dynamics NAV within the email. When you are looking at an email from a known customer (one that is already in NAV), and you click this link, a highlight of customer information is shown right in the email. Balances, Sales History, and much more. If the email you received is requesting a quote, you can create a sales quote, invoice, order, or reminders from within the email!

PowerBI can also be accessed from O365 and you can easily create reports and dashboards using the NAV dataset.

Hierarchy of Items in NAV 2017

NAV 2017 gives you the ability to create a hierarchy within the Item Category group, giving you far more flexibility to create item reports than in previous versions of NAV.

Item Attributes in Dynamics NAV 2017

One of the more significant features in NAV 2017 are item attributes. Attributes allow you to signify different conditions for your inventory items. Attributes are different from variants. Attributes are defined by the user and can be either an Option, Decimal, Text, or an Integer type. This feature makes it very easy to find exactly the item you need by searching by color and size, for instance.

Cortana Artificial Intelligence

The potential with Cortana is huge! Enabling this feature can help with cash forecasting and inventory projections. You will need a minimum of five months of data for Cortana to start providing helpful predictions, and the more data Cortana processes, the more accurate projections will be. Do not forget about this powerful feature when you make the move to Dynamics NAV 2017.

Other Features
  • Simplified setup of CRM from inside Dynamics NAV
  • Simplified opportunity management in CRM functionalities
  • Smart Notifications
  • Improvement in Functional Areas (Payment Reconciliation, Job module, Fixed Asset module, Package Tracking, Account Categories in the Chart of Account, US financial reports etc.)
You can explore more of what's new in Dynamics NAV 2017 by browsing this link.

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