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What's New in Dynamics NAV 2018 ?

The release of the new Dynamics NAV 2018 edition arrived in December of 2017 and came with a whole host of enhancements and improvements as well as several new extensions. Within this blog we are going to take a look at the new features that came with this update and the product capabilities involved.

There are many new features in Dynamics NAV 2018 but here are a few developments you which stand out:

User Tasks If you need to be reminded for some task, and share that reminder with others, User Task feature comes to your help. You can create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to others or vice-versa. You can set reminders with a due date, priority level, start date, percentage for how much of the task is completed, and which other users are assigned to the task.

Employee Ledger Entries In general journal lines, there is a new account type and new balancing account type called ‘Employee’. Posting a general journal Line with Employee as account type or balancing account type will generate an employee ledger entry. You can use this account type to post a payment to an employee. You can apply payments to an employee ledger entry either via the Applies-to Doc. No. field on the payment journal line or by choosing the Apply Entries action on the employee ledger entry.

Image Analyzer The Image Analyzer extension uses powerful image analytics provided by the Computer Vision API for Microsoft Cognitive Services to detect attributes in the images that you add to items and contact persons, so you can easily review and assign them. Contact persons: Recognize a person’s gender, or age. Items: Identify attributes like type and color. Image Analyzer suggests attributes based tags that the Computer Vision API finds with a confidence level.

Pre-Configured Excel Reports With this pre-designed report feature, you can automate more of your Excel tasks. The Business Manager and Accountant Role Centers have a new option in the ribbon for Excel Templates. From the Excel Templates list, you can choose a preconfigured report such as balance sheet and income statement, that is ready to print from Excel.

Updated integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales With Dynamics NAV 2018, you can connect to your Dynamics 365 for Sales solution in a few easy steps. The assisted setup helps you synchronize your data across the two apps, including sales orders, item availability, units of measure, and currencies. The existing integration with the app formerly known as Dynamics CRM has been rebranded and simplified to work better out of the box.

Power BI reporting Dynamics NAV 2018 provides BI whenever and wherever you need it. The new Power BI reporting control makes your Power BI reports visible from within the most highly-used lists in Dynamics NAV. You can not only view Power BI reports you select, but can also interact and filter the reports by selecting records from the associated list page.

Additional features include a more structured setup & extensions action, bulk post orders, invoices and credit memos, posting setup improvements and missing posting notifications, and much more. With the new and improved functionalities, Dynamics NAV 2018 is surely going to give you a better user-friendly experience.

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