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What Are You Missing with Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing and Licensing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates powerful ERP and CRM functionalities in the cloud to offer business applications for today’s inquisitive users. In modernizing their lineup of applications, they have evolved the Business Central Licensing and revamped offerings to ensure more use and implementation.

Licensing in Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with purpose-built business applications that manage specific business processes. You can work seamlessly together in a single cloud-based product offering without much hassle. The key to getting the most value out of your business is to comprehend your customers’ business needs and if the application fits in the requirement efficiently.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing and Licensing: Determining the Appropriate Access for Users

Users can be Licensed with a Business Central subscription which is purchased for them or the device they’re using. The type of license to purchase depends on the level of access they need. 

Subscription Licenses (SL) come in 3 major types: User SL, Device SL, and Organization SL.

User Subscription License

The most commonly purchased license is a “Name User” license. This requires each user to have their login. Users or business administrators with User SL may access the service through multiple devices. 

Full User

These are the users whose work requires use of feature-rich business application functionality.

Some examples of full users are 

  • Salespeople
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Finance Employees
  • Controllers
  • Supply Chain Managers.

Team Member

This enables users to read Dynamics 365 data generated from Dynamics 365 Unified Operations and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Applications. At least one full Dynamics 365 user is assigned to the tenant. This tenant administers and configures the individual Team Members applications.

Dynamics 365 Unified Operations – Activity

This is only available for Unified Operations applications. Additionally, it is intended for users who require more capabilities than the Team Members license, but do not require the use rights of a Full User. Dynamics 365 Unified Operations – Activity use rights include all Dynamics 365 Team Members user rights as well as the right to:
  • Support activity of any kind related exchanges.
  • Make or alter the things connected with warehousing, getting, delivering, orders, merchant upkeep, and all financial plans.
  • Work Point-of-Sale (POS) gadget, head supervisor gadget, shop floor gadget, or distribution center gadget.
  • Device Subscription License
  • With Gadget SL, quite a few clients can get to an authorized gadget with individual logins without the requirement for independent Client SLs. Client Commitment gadget licenses are full gadgets that incorporate similar freedoms as the same client permit, while the Tasks gadget licenses are a restricted with a subset of Unified Operations capacities.

Tenant-Based Subscription License

With Tenant-Based SL, customers only need to purchase one license for the entire tenant. It does not require the users to license each user as usage is shared among all users accessing the application.

Dynamics 365 Pricing

Dynamics 365 offers great value by providing users the ability to subscribe to only the applications they will use. Users can mix and match between both Customer Engagement applications and Unified Operations applications under Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing and Licensing

Customers can first get a Base license for each Dynamics 365 user within their organization. Then, they can add one or more Attach licenses to each Base license.

For instance, if a customer has an individual user that requires both Sales and Customer Service Enterprise application functionality, they may purchase the Sales Enterprise Base license and then add the Customer Service Enterprise Attach license. Their total Per User Per Month (PUPM) rate for this user can be determined by connecting with an acclaimed and astute Dynamics 365 Business Central Licensing Services Provider.

At NavisionIndia, you can consult with our experts at Business Central Implementation and know all about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central License along with pricing to make a judicious business investment. Consulting with a solution provider can help you not only save time and cost but ensure scalability with implementation and support even beyond the implementation lifecycle. 

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