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Understanding the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for your organization

For vendors, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is essential for maximum competitiveness and growth. EDI ensures smooth, accelerated, and automatic data exchange while sharpening accuracy with minimum risks of errors. Right EDI solution offers seamless advantages to business with respect to financial, operational, and technical perspectives. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then tighter EDI integration will benefit your company as well as your customers as EDI streamlines administration, improves information flow, ensures more accurate accounting, enabling better inventory management, while lowering costs. By implementing EDI, vendors leverage Digital Transformation by empowering customers while adding value to the organization by automating information processing, reducing clerical tasks and eliminating data entry errors.

Microsoft NAV EDI Integration

Benefits of EDI

Improved Customer Services:- EDI optimizes workflows and response times, offering benefits to consumers as with EDI, you can provide accurate expected delivery dates. As EDI documents are sent & received in seconds, enabling registration in the ERP, validating quantities or prices, or canceling appropriate amounts, can be carried out almost instantly. All this, streamlines your whole business process, ensuring quicker response.

Information accuracy:- EDI enables information flow on standards known to the sender or receiver. This ensures correct interpretation regardless of nationalities or activity sectors, helping improved relations with business partners. Mistakes in data entry or taking orders by telephone and lost files, etc. are avoided.

Business Automation:- EDI can be integrated with your ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, enabling inventory tracking for stock management as well as for fulfillment. Moreover, once you receive an EDI Purchase Order, the logistics system generates a task for warehouse staff to move goods from inventory to shipping.

Better Decision Making:- Real-time visibility into transactions enables faster decision-making and improved responsiveness to changing customer and market demands. EDI, further, allows businesses to adopt a demand-driven business model rather than a supply-driven one.

Globalization:- With standardize business language, EDI enables you to enter new territories and markets. You can easily facilitate business partner on-boarding anywhere in the world.

Improved Supply Management:- EDI-enabled supply chain provides real-time information about individual suppliers helps inform management decisions and builds strategic partnerships, encouraging buyers and suppliers to collaborate with each other.

Improved Efficiency:- EDI lightens the administrative burden by eliminating manual tasks, enabling firms to focus on what they do best, building long-term relationships with customers, developing new products and services and opening up new markets.

Microsoft NAV EDI module enables you to manage EAN, GLN, NVE, packaging hierarchies, organizational information, central payers and invoice lists. You can perform automatic data exchange by reading orders and exporting master data for invoices, delivery notes and products as well as order confirmations.

Navision India follows best practices during Microsoft NAV EDI Integration enabling companies to increase ROI on their investment in Dynamics. With EDI integration, organizations can enjoy improved collaboration with partners in an accurate and cost effective manner.

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