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Talent Acquisition and Onboarding in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Adding talent to your organization is one of the most responsible factors of running a business successfully which gets ignored most of the times. But like a warrior needs to be armored with sharpened weapons, a high-aiming organization requires being well-equipped with talented people.

A standardized procedure of selecting, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding aspirants reduces time and does not miss out the right ones for the company. But, to optimize its work and trace out the best, Human Resource Department often finds itself struggled with conventional methods. And that alarms to move beyond traditional human resource management with "Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent", a full-blown feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is an end-to-end solution for managing all major and minor HR processes, from recruitment to on-boarding and employee development. It comes with highly interacting dashboard which has easily accessible tools directing towards the human resource management processes.

Dynamics 365 for Talent, HRMS is sub-divided into Talent Acquisition, On-Boarding and Core HR Operations. Let us discuss here the functions of "Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent" dedicated for Talent Acquisition and On-Boarding:

Talent Acquisition

The market and the top talent both have become aggressive. To take the control over the hiring process, product "ATTRACT" enables you to hire the most suitable people by standard step by step approach.

  • It circulates the wisdom of selecting the right people throughout the HR team. It lets your team work with configurable stages and customizable activities and controls the right sharing of documentation by de-cluttering the disconnected emails of conversations which centralizes correct candidates profiles.
  • It emphasizes on treating the candidates with utter respect and comfort. It has an inbuilt portal which can be accessed easily and ensures sheer transparency at every step of the whole process—from the first point of contact to interview, date of hire, and beyond.
  • It also accelerates the whole recruitment process by enabling hiring managers to quickly screen and shortlist candidates with skill, personality, and culture-fit assessments.
  • With automated scheduling, mobile feedback, and optional Skype calls, the function simplifies the entire interview process.
  • It highlights and filters candidates who seem promising for the company’s growth. You can have insights of candidate skills, competencies, and interview feedback, and potential candidates get hired.


As the new hires join a company, they generally get hit by anxiety and hesitation. To break the ice and make them feel warm, "Onboard" function empowers HR team to deliver personalized on-boarding experience and set them up for their success.

  • It motivates new joiners about their role and improves engagement from before day one with personalized on-boarding guides which includes step-by-step checklists of documents to submit.
  • This function ensures new employees stay focused on impactful priorities with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and objectives.
  • It offers a centralized location for company information, training resources, organization charts, and tips to navigate different departments.
  • It ensures that new team member makes the right cross-functional connections quickly.
  • The function provides the assistance with campus maps, local attraction guides, and transportation options while relocating the employees.
  • It enables Cross-functional team members to contribute resources and add tasks within on-boarding guides to ensure they have everything they need to adjust to their new role quickly and smoothly.
  • It gets feedback from employees to continuously improve on-boarding experience and drive transformative business results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent ease the recruiting and joining processes and ensures transparency and convenient communications between the employer and employees.

Navision India is a proud Microsoft Partner which offers licensed Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its professional services like implementation, integration and support & maintenance. If you want to grow your business with correct work-force and want to have a seamless hiring and on-boarding experience, call us, drop your query or visit us, we will surely come up with the best solution for your organization.

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