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Supply chain Management system

Dynamics NAV Supply Chain Management Software handles the flow of goods and services. Supply Chain Management System is the oversight of information, materials and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Dynamics NAV Supply Chain Management mainly includes integrating and coordinating between these flows.

How To Manage Supply Chain Activities?

With the right Supply chain management software, your business can get maximizes efficiency, improves the flow of information, reduces costs. Also known as Supply chain management software for small business, it helps increase operational visibility and much more. Supply Chain Management System can be divided into three kinds of flows: –

  • Product Flow
  • Information Flow
  • Finances Flow

If customers choose Navision India, what they get by Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP – Top supply chain management software 2021: –

  • Alternative Order and Ship-to Addresses—With such inventive capability, you can manage orders from vendors that have more than one location from where orders are shipped. Moreover, it helps accommodate customers who have more than one address to where orders are shipped.
  • Alternative Vendors— This feature of Dynamics NAV Supply Chain Management aids in managing purchases of the same item from multiple vendors. Also, you can customize services for each vendor according to required lead times, items, and price agreements.
  • Analysis Reports— NAV for Supply Chain offers extensive management with agile and effective ways to get pertinent information from the system to make well-informed day-to-day decisions.
  • Assembly Management— You can have specifications of sellable items, raw materials, and resources that comprise a finished item or a kit. Eventually, it helps manufacturers replenish assembly items and document customers’ specific requirements with ease.
  • Item Charges and Substitutions— These factors in item charges including the value of additional costs, such as insurance or freight charges, into the unit price. Additionally, this supply chain management system links items with the same or similar characteristics to help substitute items and offer them to potential customers whenever the stock is unavailable.

Acclaimed among the leading Supply chain management software companies in India, we help businesses collaborate more effectively with suppliers, partners, and customers and make the most of MS Dynamics NAV Supply Chain Solutions. Moreover, NAV is accredited among the best supply chain management software solutions that can help you exceed customers’ expectations and drive greater scalability as well.