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Microsoft Dynamics Navision is the one of best selling market ERP product in the world used by the companies such as Manufacturer and Distribution, etc. It is one of the unified business management suite, encompassing ERP, Financial management, Distributor, Assert Management, It gives a better visibility of the operations are going into the organizations. Microsoft Dynamics Nav Business management software works with your existing technology and Microsoft productivity tools and scales as you grow to deliver long-term value.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV increases the margin and improving cash flow, it helps to take fast decisions that have a direct impact on productivity. Hence results in increasing margins and improving your cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is user friendly and very simple to use.
Financial Management: Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to access to real-time financial, sales, and marketing information i.e. to Track and analyze your business information to gain accounting and finance solutions which will allow you to gain insight and identify new opportunities for your business.

General Ledger :  Streamline routine accounting practices with the NAV automated financial processes and an intuitive Role Tailored interface that presents common tasks. Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives a flexible options and tools for setting up a company and posting charts of accounts, general journals, value-added tax (VAT), recurring journals and source codes.

Payables :  It protects your profitability with streamlined, end-to-end cash management services, increase your cash resources and simplify payment processes with flexible, integrated accounts payable operations with Payables in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Receivables :  Increase sales process efficiency, increase the visibility of key accounting data to highlight problem areas and priority accounts for credit control to improve your organization cash flow, with NAV Accounts Receivables you can employ customer account and sales performance tracking to identify trends, plan sales strategies, and manage accounts more effectively, you can create customized statements, extend customer credit, and provide targeted discounts to preferred customers, Easy to use for enhanced productivity.

  1. Fixed Assets: Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fully integrated asserts management solution that allows you to accurately record, track, depreciate, and dispose of your company’s assets with minimal effort and maximum flexibility. Benefits: Automate manual processes, Reclassify Assets, Improve reporting, Allocate Assets to individual departments, Save time managing changes, Gain a more comprehensive perspective.
  2. Multi-Currency: It enables us to handle foreign currencies with ease, we can easily make our footing in the international markets with confidence and handle foreign currencies with ease. Manage accounts with vendors, customer, etc. in other countries, Share your financial data with international partners.

Manufacturing – Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes functionality to help you manage your manufacturing process, including production orders, Bills of material, Supply planning and Capacity requirement planning. Some of the benefits using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for manufacturing:

  1. Provide customers with information they can count on
  2. Adapt quickly to changing customer demands with agile manufacturing
  3. Open your business to trading partners around the clock
  4. Role Centers: Personalize your Role Centre based on individual needs and monitor critical business processes in a dashboard view. Give quick access to data, reports, and tasks that are relevant to your manufacturing job role
  5. Improve business performance from the shop floor to your bottom line

Sales & Marketing- Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides organization access to accurate, up-to-date customer information and the tools to efficiently manage contacts, opportunities, and campaigns—while building customer relationships that help drive sales and encourage loyalty. It’s like a CRM system that everyone can access within your organization, It provides a real- time relevant information required to make informed decisions in the organization to interact with the customer can get information at instantly which results to get more profit and sale.

Benefits: Manage Sales Activities, Real-time Access for remote Staff, Identify Key Accounts, Access Accurate Information, Role based Dashboards, Manage Marketing campaigns

Supply Chain Management – Microsoft Dynamics NAV supply chain management enables you to tracking customer payments, Match the goods you have on hand with customer demand, Integrate warehouse processes with the rest of your business, Respond customers more quickly, it opens new market opportunities results to increase profits. Supply chain management functions: NAV Inventory Management, NAV Warehouse Management, NAV Sales Order Management, NAV Purchase Order Management