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School Management System

Schools are some of the most important establishment in the community that we live in. Everyone amongst us are part of the schools, where we studied and get knowledge about everything.

This is our essential duty to make School Management Systems more intuitive and easier to operate. This is an important and creative part that schools and their operational systems should simple, easier and accessible to all the stakeholders.

We come up with our state of the art software ERP systems that are based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can take care of all daily activities in a digital, integrated and reliable way making life easier for everyone affiliated with schools and their management systems.

  • Integration with Daily Attendance Systems for Students, Teachers and Management
  • Record Keeping of All the Operational Stocks
  • Integration with Finance and Accounts Departments
  • Automation of Daily Funds and Maintenance Systems
  • Digital Purchasing Systems for the Procurement Department
  • Supply Chain Management Systems for Every Required Items
  • Assignment, examinations, marks/grade for all the classes
  • Syllabus and other Notification System
  • Fees and other Financial Recording
  • Feedback and Suggestions Options for Parents

Our School Management System, which ensures the consistency of data about parents and students throughout branches and campuses, prevents data duplication and erroneous data. So, the central system always includes the single and most up-to-date copies.

Activities such as school canteen, book and uniform sales that are not directly related to the academic works yet are still to be carried out by the schools in every academic year can be carried out on the same ERP system. Integration with the bank is ensured to make payments easier. On this count, the school administration gets a 360-degree view of the processes that are directly related the students.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete ERP software that can offer any feature required by School Management Systems. It is a fully integrated high level system that has all the secure programming and user friendly front end required to make school system efficient and easier. Daily routine functions including digital attendance, feedback from teachers, maintenance records, accounts and finance are all offered in a way that they are easy to implement for the managers and also easy to understand for everyone else linked with the system.

Our school management solution has developed based on the needs of the education sector, meets all the ERP needs beyond the academic program on a central platform, starting with the registration of the student to graduation from the school. All financial operations such as setting up financial forecasts for new registrations, setting up payment plans, and billing are on school management system. Resolving school-specific phases such as registration management, contract management and billing management through ERP provides educational institutions with unparalleled management flexibility in their enterprise business processes.

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