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Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Existing ERP

Most of the growing businesses use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to streamline their business processes. As the technology is growing, ERP solution providers are adding up new capabilities to their existing ERP solutions to help organizations to achieve operational efficiency. However, upgrading ERP software is not only expensive but also a time-consuming task. Most of the organizations wonder why they should upgrade their existing ERP. Given below are the reasons when you should upgrade your existing ERP system.

When Small Inefficiencies are Adding Up

Out-dated ERP won’t allow your resources to concentrate on their core work. Instead, your resources require to waste time on redundant tasks. Tech giants such as Microsoft and Oracle are adding new capabilities to their existing ERP systems to streamline business processes. When small efficiencies won’t allow smooth workflow then you should understand that it’s right time for you to upgrade your existing ERP system. If we discuss a particular use case, then upgrading to the cloud from on-premise can add several benefits related to your business.

Your ERP Architecture Lacks Adaptability and Agility

ERP solution needs to be adaptable as per your changing business needs. If you want to see your business continue to grow and succeed then you need to include functionalities that are powerful enough to unify your business. If your system lacks adaptability to meet regulations, customer demands, diversifying business needs, or expansion into new territories then you should realize that its time to upgrade your existing ERP.

No Access to Real-Time Information or Mobile Features

Your customer support and service teams require data accessibility across mobile devices. Most advanced ERP Solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX. Etc enable companies to expose business logic outside the corporate borders and use them on phones and tablets in fully off-line mode. These capabilities will also enable organizations to track service orders to bring efficiency across the entire organization. Allowing your employee to have access to real-time information from anywhere, at any time at the touch of their fingertips will help the organization grow even more.

No Access To Advance Analytics

Key to success for any organization is data-driven decisions. Most advanced ERP solutions such as Microsoft Power BI enable you to understand the preferences of the customers. Business Intelligence capabilities add value to interpretation and curation to ensure more informed decisions. If your existing ERP system lacks features like advanced analytics then you should understand that its time for you to upgrade your system.

Your ERP isn’t keeping up with changing regulations

Compliance changes almost every year. Upgrading to the cloud enables you to keep pace with changing compliance. Furthermore, if you are targeting new geographies then you need to follow the law of the land. Advanced ERP such as Dynamics NAV is completely global as they enable you to work along multiple currencies and languages while enabling you to follow the compliance.

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