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Project Service Automation Update Release 4

Microsoft has announced the latest update for the Project Service Automation application for Dynamics 365. This release includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability.

This release is compaitable with Dynamics 365 for Customer Enagement apps version 9.x.

Project Service Automation Feature

  • Project approver can cancel or un-approve a previosuly approved time entry.
  • Resource can request the recall of a previosuly approved time entry.
  • Project resource can better udnerstand working vs non-working days when entering time.

Other Improvements

  • It is possible to post same Invoice multiple times which results in multiple Billed Sales and Unbilled Sales reversals for the same InvoiceLineDetail.
  • Using the Extend Bookings action in the Reconciliation view does not book to the assignment pattern established at the day level.
  • Projects and tasks were not able to be deleted if they were related to a Quote Line Detail or Contract Line Detail based upon relationship type.
  • Project Calendar Initialization is incorrect on the client side when in Certain Time zones.
  • Task default effort on ghost row does not default effort correctly.
  • PSA customers unable to upgrade PSA after a failed Field Service upgrade attempt.
  • Data upgrade script for Expenses was created with incorrect DB Version.
  • Reinstate Support for MS Project Add-in.
  • For customers upgrading from Version 2.X to 3.X, users are unable to see requirements on the schedule board.
  • Lack of Billing Status on Sales Order Contract Lines preventing Invoice Line Deletion.
  • Quotes Subgrid on Opportunity form not refreshing after clicking "Close all Quotes".
  • Exception in RetrievePagedEntities(string fetchXML): Paging cookie is required when trying to retrieve a set of records on any high pages.
  • Submitting Expense entry with an FLS field fails for a user with no update access to the field.
  • Customer unable to add receipts in when using IE 11.
  • On the WBS ghost row, create task through effort or start-date field is not defaulting the correct start date.
  • Versions of SolutionUpgradeInfrastructure work only with "forced update", not with "delete & promote" due to issues with relationships with DatabaseVersion.

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