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Myths About Dynamics NAV Upgrade Are Revealed

Everything around us needs to be replaced or upgraded with an upper version of itself sooner or later to get best out of it and not lag behind in the competition. Same applies to technology. Business management using an ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics Navision also needs to be regularly upgraded to reduce the human effort in maintenance. You must acknowledge some aspects before going for NAV migration, such as which version are you currently having and will the new product features help your organization in anyway? There are various conflicts related to Navision migration that must be cleared before going further.

Following are some common misunderstandings about upgrading NAV:

  • My NAV database is way too customized. Customizations don't really matter if the upgrading is done correctly, since your customizations will also come forward in your latest Navision version.

  • My NAV version is too old to upgrade. There is no such thing like you can't upgrade an old NAV version. Your current version's characteristics can be addressed rightly with our personalized Navision migration plan.

  • NAV database is too large. Although Navision database size can possibly lead to certain challenges; with our set of migration tools, we successfully offer the data migration solutions in smaller duration than others.

  • I use kitting extensively, which isn't available with updated versions. While kitting and some other applications have been removed; there are some other ways to flawlessly handle the business functionality like assemblies.

  • Any NAV developer can do migration. This is the most found reason behind many unsuccessful upgrades that took too long, resulted in heavy cost, went through post go-live issues and never completed. Everything from requirements, tools, methodology and the professionals to plan and executions should be done with a single goal in mind.

With all doubts cleared away, you can now have smooth Dynamics NAV upgrade and enhance your business management capabilities. ERP upgrade helps you increase productivity by staying in compliance with business regulations, applying latest technology and enhancing security for optimum data protection. It offers the outcomes in form of more opportunities and lower costs. At Navision India, we have professed people with in-depth core knowledge to offer you complete NAV data migration within committed duration.

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