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Mold Yourself For Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Finance & Operations One Version

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance & operations unify global financial and operational processes to facilitate and empower people to make faster and informed decisions. Finance & Operations module enables businesses to quickly adapt to rapidly changing market demands and to drive accelerated business growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Finance & Operations  

Flexibility Of Choosing Service Updates

The new release (April 2019) of D365 for F & O enables all the customers to stay on the same version with access into the latest available capabilities. Customers can now experience continuous upgrades that will be inexpensive. They will also have the option to pause up to 3 continuous updates as 8-updates are delivered per year by Microsoft.

Today’s customers will have the flexibility of choosing to stay updated during a year. They can even elect to skip updates. Considering the feedback and independent study, Microsoft enhanced updated cadence and is started providing more flexibility of choosing extra pause option in the same. These new options will not affect those customers who want to stay updated with every continuous update and are not seeking anything change in it.

Additional Cycle Of Servicing

In order to ensure quality delivery, Microsoft will continue offering feature updates for early validation during the development cycle release validation program. They are willing to continue making preview available for every update through ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations’ insider program.

Moving through every quality phase, Microsoft is planning to continue examining telemetry just to determine if any hidden regressions in the performance are not lying. Furthermore, they are now getting ready to offer an additional servicing cycle that will help to provide critical fixes to customers on an n-1 update as it is a previous update version.

All you need to review the service update documentation to know more about updates availability along with the release schedule.

Microsoft is intended to support its customers with a single unified software version to deliver SaaS-based value solution. Microsoft is continuously investing in innovation in order to ensure advancement in finance and operation processes that are demanded by their esteemed customers.

Since Dynamics 365 customers are surprisingly shifting to upgraded services, this is positively improving customer satisfaction and reducing the number of service tickets. Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations service updates are encouraging customers in terms of reducing time and resources investment just to upgrade the software system. So, this ‘one version’ journey can be a fruitful deal for users.

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