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Misunderstandings that can go wrong when you upgrade your ERP System

Advancement of technology, you should always go with latest or improved technology. Today, every organization wants upgrade with latest features and improvements. But they don’t want to upgrade because of complicated process; will interrupt operations, costly service and much more. We believe in our self just because of successfully delivered many projects of MS Dynamics NAV. There are some common misunderstandings about upgrading that you need to be aware of: - - Dynamics NAV database is too customized: Always customization should be done by right tools at right time and place. With the right tools you can conveniently customize your older version and get new version of Dynamics NAV with no loss off money, time and effort. - My MS Dynamics NAV is too old to upgrade: Currently, the latest version of MS Dynamics NAV is 2016. The main feature of this latest version, it supports mobiles. But previous or older version doesn’t provide this kind of features. This latest feature told you that your current version is too old you need to be upgrade. - Any Dynamics NAV developer can do upgrade: This is the only reason of that many Dynamics NAV upgrades take too much time, very costly, etc. Upgrade should be done by qualified, experienced and expert developer; they can smoothly upgrade MS Dynamics NAV. - Upgrading is done by manually instead of automatically: There are two ways of upgrading MS Dynamics NAV, first is manually and other is automated upgrading tools. But some of the users are doing upgrading by manually and this is impossible that millions of lines of code review by hand. So, should use automated tool for upgrading. Apart from these, the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, it is the right time to smoothly upgrade to your previous version. This advance version comes with the latest features, plus full on mobile accessibility and supports. If you want to upgrade then we are always here for you. “Navision India” is one of the best leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV service Providers.

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