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Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Custom HRMS and Payroll

Undoubtedly, HR department is an integral part of any organization as it is responsible for searching, recruiting, and nourishing talent alongside making and disbursing salaries, managing attendance, etc. However, lot of paperwork and routine administrative tasks like processing employee information and answering questions consume huge amount of time that would otherwise be used in improving the working environment of the company. Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Custom HRMS and Payroll helps in enhancing the productivity of HR department by streamlining HR processes, creating a high performance organization while adding value to the stakeholders.

Integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV HRMS & Payroll solution is engineered to automate the processes of calculation and payment of salaries by managing the employee pay files, calculating payroll, creating bank transfers, exporting data to the National Insurance and generating tax returns. By delivering exceptional visibility into payroll expenses, Dynamics NAV HRMS &Payroll Solution enables you to understand how effectively workers or a whole company are achieving their business objectives. As Payroll functionalities are not available by default in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, inoday has made a custom HRMS and Payroll solution that not only keeps all employee data in one place but also ensures that you remain compliant. With integrated HRMS and Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, inoday standardizes HR processes related to employee information such as employment history, licenses, certifications, education, skills, performance, and compensation information.

Core Capabilities of Dynamics NAV HRMS & Payroll

  • Create New Employee
  • Employee Attendance
  • Employee Leave
  • Salary Component
  • Employee Compensation
  • Process Salary
  • Generate Earning Sheet
  • Salary Release
  • Payroll List
  • Tax Calculation
  • Leave Generate
  • Approval leave List
  • Leave Calculation
  • Leave Summary
  • EMS Database
  • Deduction

Benefits of Dynamics NAV HRMS & Payroll

Centralized Employee Details – By creating employee, you can centralize all the information about each employee. Details of employee include Employee Id., name, last name, joining date, designation, marital status, Permanent or On Probation Status, Release, & Hold. With this users can view information of every employee in the company.

HRMS & Payroll Management – You can automate salary calculation using salary components. Furthermore, customized components like bonuses, compensation, reimbursement and extras can also be added. With Navision HR & Payroll Management System, you can process and reprocess payrolls while taking care of all statutory norms, make salary adjustments, LOP calculation, arrears payment, bonus/incentive payments and manage other pay elements.

Leave & Attendance Management – Our Custom HRMS & Payroll Management Solution will eliminate manual effort in keeping record of leaves, attendance and payroll processing. Furthermore, Biometric can be integrated with Navision for efficient attendance management. This will help you in calculating over time (OT) to get accurate calculation of net working hours by each employee.

Work time – Real time of work of employees can be calculated easily. Users also get the flexibility to register absences, over hours, worked night hours. Data can be imported and exported in the .CSV format. Page with selected employee’s absences delivers information about sick leave, vacation, unexcused absence. User is able to view and enter all kinds of absences.

Pay Slips – After completing the payment processing, “Pay Slips” will get generated and automatically mailed to the intended employee.

Reimbursement – Dynamics NAV custom HR & Payroll caters all your reimbursement needs irrespective of your business size. Customizing reimbursement policy with authorized approvals enables you to automate expense claim reimbursements.

Biometric Integration – By integrating Biometric and Navision, you can automate the staff attendance and various other activities. With this, you can have a new level of workforce management as you can track in and out time of employees; their total work duration, lunch breaks, etc. This eventually eliminates staff proxy attendance.

Why inoday?

Since its inception in 2007, inoday has been working as virtual extension of your business, delivering seamless IT outsourcing services across licensing, implementation, customization, maintenance, & support. We are authorized Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solution provider who can offer you Microsoft Dynamics Custom HRMS & Payroll Management Solution. Banking on our talented team of functional, technical consultants and developers, inoday can cater to your unique business needs with right fit customized solution. With extensive experience for wholesale, retail, manufacturing, construction & distribution industry, we automate your business processes to improve productivity, transparency while ensuring real-time visibility.

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