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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations

Make Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations Proactive with Dynamics 365 Operations

Dynamics 365 Operations helps in transforming manufacturing and supply chain operations with the help of built-in Business Intelligence & Internet of Things (IoT). Dynamics 365 for Operations (Supply Chain Management) connects your factory across planning, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation, enabling you to maximize efficiency, product quality, and profitability. As a comprehensive solution for different manufacturing processes—discrete, lean, project, process, and mixed-mode, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management perfectly addresses all your unique manufacturing business needs. Dynamics 365 Operations supports all manufacturing strategies, including make to stock, make to order, configure to order, and engineer to order.

Smartly Transform Your Manufacturing Operations

  • Track and manage your resources – workforce, machines, & tools efficiently
  • Perform production planning in real-time, reduce lead-time for new demands, supply
  • Automate the flow of information and materials to accelerate product delivery

Modernize Your Warehouse

Manage capacity and consumption of raw materials by gaining real-time visibility to warehouse operations with microsoft dynamics 365 for operations. You can automate warehouse management while optimizing the use of space across stock rooms to distribution centers. With machine-learning-based guidance, you can manage materials and finished goods efficiently. Power BI warehousing analytics will provide you real-time visibility of stock and receiving, picking, and shipping operations. As a comprehensive warehouse management solution, ms dynamics 365 for finance supports various types of maintenance—predictive, corrective, condition, and preventative to extend the life and performance of your equipment.

Streamline Your Supply Chain while maximizing the life of your assets

  • Gain real-time supply chain visibility across geographies & time zones
  • Manage contracts, monitor delivery performance, and collaborate with vendors
  • Improve delivery experience with more accurate delivery date estimations
  • Sync logistic across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes to optimize fulfillment
  • Monitor KPIs in real-time to improve the overall equipment effectiveness
  • Maximize longevity and performance of assets with predictive maintenance