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Microsoft Dynamics Roadmap: Let’s have a look!!

Microsoft is continuously working in the development of ERPs inventing micro business solutions. It plans new software or updated versions of existing ones. With its popular and successful ERP software like Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM & Dynamics AX, the company keeps on experimenting and evolving business solutions.

Let's have a look at Microsoft Dynamics Roadmap including their past changes and upcoming plans:

Dissolution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Dynamics AX:

At Worldwide Partner Conference 2016, Microsoft came up with the concept of “Dynamics 365” explaining the whole idea about it. The idea behind this is a complete digital transformation. To transform digitally, it requires systems of intelligence that are tailored to each industry, each company and each micro task performed by each person which can evolve with agility with the change in the business.
Microsoft has been running Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX to assist the industries in overcoming client's related difficulties they face and managing end to end business processes. But from 2016, to give it a new orientation, Microsoft had combined both the software under umbrella appellation of Dynamics 365.
Dynamics 365 works on Common Data Model. It allows easier integrations, cross platform BI and workflows, easier discrete application builds and a robust marketplace. Also from the Common Data Model, partners, businesses, developers and end users are capable to fabricate industry specific apps. It allows you to have specific operation as per your business requirement.

Growth of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

The annual versions of Dynamics NAV has been releasing for years. In fall of 2017, Dynamics NAV 2018 was released and in spring 2018, the company released the updated version of NAV with the moniker of Dynamics 365 Business Central. This new software is a complete SaaS (Software as a Service) with entire capabilities of NAV. From here, we can predict that NAV 2018 may be the last version of NAV software.
Business Central is a cloud based ERP. From reduced infrastructure to higher accessibility this software has tangible benefits for the industries. In coming Fall 2018, as per the roadmap, Business Central’s new version will be launched with the availability of both platforms i.e. cloud based and on-premises.

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