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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Architecture

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 architecture comprises three core components as well as various additional tools and components.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Three-Tier Architecture

This three-tire architecture was introduced with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. With this architecture, the data and data manipulation layers are put on their own servers, the application logic is put on its own server, and the presentation and presentation logic are put on the client.

  • The RoleTailored client is the client tier, which includes a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client and a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client. In addition to the RoleTailored client, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 also supports additional client types, including web service clients and a NAS services client for programmatic access.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is the middle or server tier, managing all business logic and communication.
  • SQL Server, augmented by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 database components, is the data tier.
If you deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV in a multitenant deployment architecture, the data tier consists of an application database and one or more tenant databases. You can have multiple instances of any of the core components in a production environment. The attached diagram shows a simple installation with two Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows clients and a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client connecting to a single Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server computer, which in turn connects to a computer with SQL Server and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database components.

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