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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018: Advanced and New Features

Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2018 is the outcome of continuous developments in the proven NAV ERP product line providing simplified business solutions to mid-size companies. With the several improvements and new functions implied, the product has launched in last December,2017. Maintaining the transformation strategy, Microsoft is moving towards unified cloud based business platform with each version consistently. Compared to last versions, there are lots of upgrades for specific business domains. Most significant features are listed below:

In-built Integration with Dynamics 365 for sales

Dynamics NAV 2018 is integrated with Dynamics 365 for sales solutions. Very few easy steps required to connect and run the two platforms simultaneously. All the data including sales orders, items availability, currencies and unit of measure get synched. To link data between Dynamics 365 for sales and Dynamics NAV, coupling of salespersons to users is necessary. The complete connection set-up syncs the data in the background and allows hassle free working. To track the detailed information about number of records in the NAV 2018 and number of records in the connected Dynamics 365 for sales, you need to open the Integration Synchronization Jobs window.
Using Integration table filters while coupling between the two apps, only eligible records can be synched. By disabling the Integration with Dynamics 365 for sales, all integration synchronization jobs get deactivated.

Bulk posting of orders, invoices and credit memos

With the latest version, you can minimize your time consumption while processing the invoices in one go. You can select batch of invoices, orders and credit memos and select "Post Selected".

Change global dimensions improvements

In previous versions, "Change global dimensions" feature stopped all other activities generating extremely large transaction. With the latest version, this feature has been made independent of background jobs. Also “Change Global Dimensions” report allows a failed task to re-execute from the point of failure.

Intrastat Reporting Improvements

For quick Intrastat reporting, set normal sales and purchases and sales and purchases return as default transaction types. This modified feature allows you to make corrections in the Isntrastat reports before submitting it. By toggling the Intrastat journal lines, errors containing lines get highlighted and they can be easily rectified.

Posting directly to general ledger accounts from documents

Sometimes there are services or type of fee applied that are not in the catalogue and which makes their count in the revenue difficult. NAV 2018 allows you to add it on the fly in the document and the revenue can be posted in correct general ledger account from the document lines directly.

Enhancement for North America Electronics Fund Transfer (EFT) functionality

With this brilliant feature, you need not to worry to pay your vendors manually. They can receive electronic payments. You can adjust the format of EFT file as per your requirements. A specific file layout can be assigned to each bank account and while processing payments each EFT file uses assigned layout automatically.

Address validation in the UK

To find addresses in post code in the UK, GetAddress.io UK Postcodes extension is accurate. It uses the getAddress API. To avail this service, you need to get a plan and an API. You can select a plan according to your use. Choosing a free plan allows you to add 20 addresses per day for 30 days.

Retrieve customer, vendor and contact name and address from VAT registration number (UK only)

With the help of EC VAT VIES web service, you can validate the VAT registration number of new customers, vendors and contacts. The web service provides you the name and address details stored with VAT number. This service is designed to ease the business of the UK customers.

Migration from QuickBooks

NAV 2018 allows you to import payroll transaction files in the QuickBooks IIF format by installing the QuickBooks Payroll File Import Extension. All the payroll data including date, payroll account, description and amount gets imported to your already mapped G/L accounts.

Bulk Invoicing from bookings

Bulk invoicing feature is introduced in NAV 2018 for the companies using Booking App Office 365. “Uninvoiced Bookings’ Page shows the list of company’s completed bookings. You can select the bookings, you want to create invoice and they get drafted for the services provided.

Cancel or correct the posted invoices

Simplifying it from the last versions, to correct the posted invoice is easier in NAV 2018. Now, it provides two options only: Correct or Cancel. As you select one, credit memo gets generated. And it automatically creates the job planning lines in the background. Blocked jobs are not allowed for post corrections.

Loaded with abundant smart features, Dynamics NAV 2018 is making its place in the ERP services. With its specific features which are exclusively designed for UK and USA, it is certainly an effective tool serving the business houses for the utmost business ease.

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