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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Key Benefits

Accelerate your business growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps enterprises to make smarter decisions quickly, transform business processes faster, and enable rapid business growth at global scale.

Key Capabilities


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations unifies financial and business operations data combined with built-in predictive analytics and intelligence to help you get deeper business insights to improve financial controls, accelerate cashflow, reduce days’ sales outstanding, and achieve corporate compliance. Better anticipate business needs, increase forecasting accuracy, and drive corporate strategy and growth.


Minimize lead times, fulfill customer demand, and manage your resources to get greater efficiency from your discrete, process, and lean manufacturing operations. Use real-time data to track production progress, get more accurate delivery dates, and reduce costs. Execute multiple production strategies, including configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock, and make-to-order. Use both push and pull production-control mechanisms.


Improve supply chain velocity, exceed customer expectations, and optimize your profitability. Connect sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production, and warehouse management to provide visibility and management throughout the supply chain. Enable streamlined vendor collaboration and manage distributed organizations with inter-company and multi-site capabilities.


Roll out a powerful ERP application to get real-time information on almost any device, at any time. Leverage the unmatched rapid and scalable deployment options that offer you the best of both world (cloud and on-premises) to meet your global business requirements of today and have the flexibility and ease to change as your business needs evolve over time. Simplify and accelerate business process changes, seamlessly integrate with legacy systems, and scale globally at your own pace.

Better Together

  • Retail: Drive retail operations and delight customers with exceptional shopping experiences
  • Talent: Attract, engage, and grow talent to achieve high-impact, sustainable business results
  • Field Service: Turn service calls into a strategic advantage with super-charged scheduling and predictive services
  • Customer Insights: Get relevant insights to better understand and engage with customers
  • Sales: Turn relationships into revenue by bringing digital intelligence into each deal
  • Project Service Automation Integration: Build trusted customer relationships and develop a solid reputation for delivering outstanding project experiences

“Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and its seamless interplay with other office products, BI is not just for experts anymore. We make decisions faster based on data we trust, putting us in the position not only to react just in time, but to be one step ahead.”

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