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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Insights: Sneak-Peak On June 2019 Updates

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is eagerly ready to announce the updates that are available for June 2019 release. Numerous powerful features are taking place that are being disclosed by Dynamics 365 Customer Insights team. Here are those features:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Insights: Sneak-Peak On June 2019 Updates

Power BI Connector Gets A Data Experience

Based on Customer Insights, Power BI connector is now more improved and easier to use than prior. Once you install this updated connector, you continue utilizing its features signing up with existing credentials of your customer insights app. You will be demonstrated a complete list of functionalities and entities that you can seamlessly import and make use. All you need to install the new connector and of course, this will be compatible with any existing environment, accounts including Microsoft’s.

Improvements To The Dynamics Customer Card

Now, more insights can be gained via Dynamic customer card.

You can now gain even more insights through the Dynamics Customer Card. Here is what you can do additionally:

  • Visual Shortcuts For Measures

Microsoft updated its functionality in terms of visual shortcuts for measures. Now, users can add visual shortcuts in order to have measure appear in the customer card. Such functionality allows you to make use and turn insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights into action more rapidly than ever before.

  • Clickable URLs In The Card

if fields are being used by Customer Insights that are related to another webpage, required text can be turned into clickable URL directly in the customer card. As you are having customer’s homepage in your application that is being used to unify the data of customers. Now, you are allowed to go directly from your application to the customer page in your browser that will allow flexibility to check your customer more efficiently and faster than before.

  • Improved Reordering Timeline View

This feature update will allow you to reorder the fields in customer card directly from the edit screen. In addition of collapsible headings in timeline control will allow you to navigate more easily and efficiently.

Segmentation From The Customer Page

Earlier, you were able to create segments on the segment builder page. Now, new update will enable you segmenting your customers' interest in a different way that is segmentation from the customers' page. This highly contextual feature is designed by Microsoft team while keeping in mind to quickly segment the filters on the customers' page. Suppose, an administrator has indexed some fields using the customer page, you can now filter and search for specific customer profiles that you are looking for.

Draft Mode For Segmentation

As per Customer Insights, segmentation comprises diverse filters & operators just to operate for a wide range of business needs. Also, segment builder needs to make more selections than a few mandatory ones to generate segment. With upgraded draft mode capability, users can save and pause their segment definition and later can revisit whenever they wish. Apart from saving your segment draft you can further activate or run your segment draft as well as edit the same.

New Operators Will Be Supported In Measures

Microsoft announced the support for two new types of operators for ‘First’ and ‘Last’. Through this update, measures capability will be turned into a comprehensive one. Furthermore, in the next few months, Microsoft is planning to work aiming to bring different additional variables, values, dimension types etc. Users will also enjoy utilizing ‘Max operator’ on Date fields.

Provide Feedback Directly In The App

With this upgrade, users will also be able to leave their feedback directly within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Feedback can be delivered using quick smiley or frowning imojis as well as can share the experience in details.

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