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Make Your Manufacturing Business Stronger Using Dynamics Navision

Keeping up with every requirement in manufacturing business isn't something you can do by yourself or even with your hired employees. New manufacturing businesses need to have technology's support to make a strong name, while an established business needs it to keep up to customers' expectations. Microsoft Dynamics Navision manufacturing is a solution that meets every requirement of a business to achieve their aims. Using Navision for manufacturing, you have the power to streamline all manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to the changing demands in every situation.

Navision ERP offers you the functionality to create and manage all production orders and ability to calculate net requirements. You can boost operational efficiency and effectively manage production orders, supply planning, bills of material, capacity requirements planning. Flexible processes enable you to fulfill promises made to customers and respond to last-minute requests to help you stay ahead in the competition. With a strong solution like Microsoft Dynamics NAV manufacturing, you can have a greater visibility into every business aspect including order entry, production, warehouse management and delivery.

Following are the manufacturing functionalities that manufacturing industries solutions help the manufacturers most with:

  • Production management helps you to improve coordination of made-to-order requests, simplify make-or-buy decisions, it also helps in modifying the components and operations whenever needed.

  • Bills of Material helps in integrate different types of BOMs and customized definitions into manufacturing functions. It also enables you to create, track and process different versions of the BOMs.

  • Graphical scheduling enables you to use drag-and-drop functionality in order to reschedule the operations.

  • Order promising helps in being more accurate with the available-to-promise insight.

  • Exceptions handling provides you the ability to quickly make exceptions and end-minute changes to fulfill customer requirements.

  • Using supply planning you can plan from the sales order, purchase requisition and production order to facilitate material flow via supply chain.

  • With manufacturing industries solutions, you get demand forecasting to analyze sales patterns from different perspectives. You can also compare forecast demand with the actual sales.

Apart from these, you get many more functionalities to empower your manufacturing business such as capacity requirements planning. Warehouse and complete inventory management includes integration of both worlds to maintain up-to-date inventory information, manage manufacturing costs, manage sales and purchase prices among customers and vendors. Acquiring Microsoft Dynamics NAV manufacturing needs to be done in a careful manner that would help you to react to the changing customer demands by collecting accurate data in real time. Navision India plays the role of dependable Navision consultant to fulfill your requirements.

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