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Leverage Jet Reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Better Business Insights

Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive reporting building solution that can be easily connected to Dynamics NAV as well as other Microsoft Business Applications such as AX and GP. Jet Express Reports enables users to create complex reports and dashboards for analysis purposes with MS Excel on the company’s financials, sales, inventory and other data. As an efficient reporting tool, Jet Reports has been used across 90+ countries by 10,000+ companies & over 137,000 users.

As a Microsoft Excel-based business reporting tool, Jet Reports empowers you to make informed decisions based on data. You can easily create & modify business reports using Microsoft Dynamics NAV data in a simple and familiar environment to improve and share business insight across your company. As a simple, convenient and easy-to-use add-on, Jet Express also easily connects with AX or GP database to run real-time reports. Without requiring any advanced programming skills, you can easily pull data directly into Excel from Dynamics NAV, AX or GP database to create high impact reports in minutes inside a familiar application – Microsoft Excel. You can effortlessly update your data with a single click in order to obtain up-to-the-minute information. With Jet Reports, you get real visibility into the workings of your business.

Jet Reporting is a system built for ordinary users with basic knowledge of Excel. Using this business application, you can easily create reports of the data stored in the Dynamics NAV database. With Jet Reports, you get all the information such as financials, cash position, inventory, sales, customer reports, budgets, even project information about the business at your fingertips.

Jet Reports Enable:-

Management:- To view key performance metrics across all areas of the organization in real time using the Table Builder function. It also enables organizations to track consolidated profit and loss by division and company.
Finance:- Jet Reports enables finances to detail profit and loss with updates on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis. Moreover, you can keep track of accounts receivable KPIs in terms of days outstanding, past collection performance and more. With Jet Reports, you can run financial reports from your General Ledger while distributing them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Sales:- With Jet Reports, the Sales team can easily pull product sheets with current pricing and specifications, and can easily, instantly update and release important changes. Further, the sales team can create a sales dashboard using PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel to track sales on a monthly basis, & also budget projections for future sales.

Key Benefits of using Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV

Key Benefits of using Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV

Easier ad-hoc reporting across your company:- The intuitive interface of Jet Reports along with simple formulas in Excel enables you to create advanced, high impact reports that help you to get answers related to finance and sales.

Eliminate Errors:- Jet Reports provide you real-time data from your Microsoft Dynamics database. You can use the same fields and calculations, right inside of Excel to generate accurate financial reports. This enables administrators to see and understand every aspect of their business.

Self Service Analysis:- Jet Reports enables real-time access to data from Dynamics NAV including tables, fields, flow fields and dimensions. You can combine or slice data for information and analysis.

Easy to use:- With familiar Microsoft Excel Environment and capabilities like PowerPivot, formatting, charting, pivot tables and formulas, Jet Reports enables you to create powerful reports.

Better Business Insights:- Jet Reports offers instant access to your data on the web or from a mobile device, enabling you to analyze with personalized dashboards and KPIs for Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Accounts Payable / Receivable, and Inventory for better business insights.

Instant Access:- While connecting with all databases, Jet Reports offers you data in Excel. You further get the flexibility to unify companies, departments and modules from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access and more to make more informed decisions.

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