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Is Dynamics 365 Business Central a Secure SaaS?

After the introduction of Navision upgrade, many customers are looking forward to it and adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. However, most of these businesses are concerned about the security of the product.  

Here, we will come across various security measures that Microsoft Dynamics Service have in place to ensure Business Central is a safe and secure SaaS solution.

Security Overview

Business Central is an extensively orchestrated SaaS solution is by Microsoft. It is governed by its extensive Modern Lifecycle Policy. This means that there are continuous service updates and a major update to the product every 6 months. For many business organizations, outsourcing Navision Development helped them drive greater benefits than other means. Hence, connecting with an acclaimed Dynamics 365 Solution provider can help you have more assurance around security and safety of the product.  

We understand that enterprise business solutions must come with a built-in security system. It readily helps protect your database and the information that it drives from any unauthorized access. Also, it must allow you to specify your authorized users in the database. This would let you give your users the access to the data they can read and modify.

Application Security

Microsoft’s ‘Application Security’ is right in the place to improve the security of your Business Central application irrespective of its hosting place. D365 Business Central uses a layered approach to application security and uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to ensure seamless, highly secure access.


Once authenticated, authorization checks the areas that a user can access. These may include pages and reports that they can open and the permissions they have on associated data.


Dynamics 365 Business Central covers several auditing features that assist business administrators track information about individuals signing-in, their permissions, changes made by them in the data, and more.

Data Encryption

Business personnel can encrypt data on the Business Central server by generating new or importing existing encryption keys. These keys you can enable on the Business Central server instance that connects to the database.

Security Development Lifecycle

Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is a software development process that assist developers, including a MS Dynamics NAV Developer, create more secure software. With this process, developers can easily address security compliance requirements as well.

Online Security

Microsoft’s ‘Online Security’ is specifically orchestrated to improve the security of your Dynamics 365 Business Central tenant.


Business Central Online uses Azure AD as the authentication method. It is automatically set up and managed for you.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Online leverages encryption to help protect data:

  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and backup encryption encrypts data at-rest.
  • Data backups are always encrypted.
  • Industry Standard Encryption Protocols encrypt network traffic inside the service.

Data Storage 

On the deployment of Business Central SaaS, businesses will witness the application to be deployed into a Microsoft Azure datacenter. These databases are protected by automatic backups. Business administrators can come across weekly full database backups, hourly differential database backups, and every 5 minute transaction log backups. 

Automatic backups are retained for 14 days. 

While signing up for Business Central, businesses need to select a country that specifies the geography where their customer data will be stored. Interestingly, Microsoft does not limit or control the locations from which customers or their end-users may access customer data, irrespective of the location of the data stored. 

Now, we know that Business Central is a secure and safe SaaS solution by Microsoft and those who are planning to upgrade NAV to D365 Business Central can go for it without being worried. 

However, if you are still in a dubious condition, you can connect with Navisionindia, an accredited and renowned Dynamics 365 Solution Provider in India. We are adept at analyzing a business’s key pain-points and hold rich experience in delivering Microsoft solutions that best fit the organization’s need.

For more details around Business Central Security, you can write to us at info@navisionindia.in Or Schedule A Demo

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