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Inventory Item Variants

Dynamics NAV provides a simple and comprehensive functionality to handle the item variations under the same item card rather than creating multiple item cards. An example of the item variants is provided below, an item than has three basic characteristics/ variations type which are:

  1. Size | XSmall, Small, Large, XLarge.
  2. Color | Red, Black, Yellow, White, Pink
  3. Model | Model 2015, Model 2016

Supposing that the size includes four values (XSmall, Small, Large and Xlarge). The color dimension includes five values (Red, Black, Yellow, White and Pink) and finally the model dimension includes two values (Model 2015 and Model 2016). The result is (4 X 5 X 2 = 40) possible combinations.

As essence, it is inappropriate and non standard to create 40 item cards, the system must be capable of providing a functionality to create one item card and three associated item variants. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can easily handle these complex item matrix as below:

On the Item Card "Navigate" tab, can have "Variants" tabs in order to fill out all possible combinations: nav-item-variants On the inventory item journal, you need to enter the associated variant code as shown below for every line item: item-journal-variants For Reporting: There is an option to check the available stock of an item by item variants as below: item-availability-by-variant

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