Businesses engaged in the Warehouse industry carry operations including receiving, tracking, storing inventory, staffing, shipping, workload planning, and monitoring the movement of the goods. These operations are extensively complex, time-consuming, and demands extra attentiveness to entail accuracy. Moreover, with disparate platforms to manage different operations, business leaders often find warehouse management tiresome. This ultimately impacts the overall organization’s growth and productivity.

Considering such circumstances and the modern world’s call for technology enhancements, Navisionindia has come up with extensively engineered solutions to help business organizations better manage their warehouse management operations. With the deployment of these advanced solutions, we help businesses in the Warehouse industry take better control of demanding processes and meet regulatory requirements without much hassle.

We offer a set of integrated tools to enhance the Warehouse Management System, where you can:

  • Manage items on a bin level
  • Receive and put away items in a bin
  • Pick items from a bin according to zone and bin ranking
  • Move items between bins using a report for optimizing the space
  • Manage sales, purchases, transfers, returns, and production orders

Benefits of NAV/Business Central for Warehouse operations

At Navisionindia, you can avail of Navision for the Warehouse industry that helps focus on robust supply chain management and inventory control. This helps drive higher operational efficiency and productivity as well. For the most part, Dynamics 365 Business Central is introduced (an upgrade to NAV) that delivers extended capabilities to automated and revamp Warehouse Management.

Interestingly, you can deploy Business Central both as on-premise and cloud ERP, whatever suits your business environment and requirement the best. However, both these software solutions are widely deployed to manage warehouse operations, including

  • Automate Reconciliation
  • Powerful Picking
  • Real-time Inventory
  • Internal Picks and Put-A-Ways
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Warehouse Shipment
  • Cycle Counting
  • Put Away, plus additional functionality

Inventory Management in NAV / Business Central

At Navisionindia, you can pick the best-suited application as per your business requirements and operations. It enables you to easily track stock items using comprehensive Inventory Management tools. Also, you can set up to specify the unit of measures, costing method, inventory posting group, and unit cost and price. Moreover, it gets integrated with General Ledger easily and renders a high level of automation to help you focus on other lucrative warehouse activities.

With the deployment of the right solution, you can get the most out of your planning, scheduling, supply chain, receiving, and related warehouse activities to drive promptness. This helps in responding to the market and the customer efficiently. Moreover, advanced functionalities of Cartonization, Multi-Zone Picking, License Plates, Shipping Solutions, Container Receiving helps you lead the competitive edge.

As we know that Dynamics NAV is now closed off to new businesses; SMBs looking to deploy Microsoft’s Cloud ERP solution can go for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Those who are already running on NAV will automatically be redirected to Dynamics 365 Business Central and Navisionindia caters to all such requirements across business upgrades efficiently.

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