Businesses engaged in finance industry require profound concentration and consideration while managing key operations across planning, organizing the resource, managing accounting, and controlling al other the financial activities, including key figures, debt, and procurement.

Considering such scenarios, Navisionindia is extending its assistance to drive automation and innovation across finance businesses via cloud computing solutions. With the deployment of inventively orchestrated solutions, we help thriving finance organizations with a set of tool to streamline key operations. It helps them strategize financials, including long-term budgeting. Also, they can manage distribution of short-term resources such as the company’s short-term liabilities and deal with dividend policy as well.

These tools are designed to support all kinds of finance operations including

  • Processing, Reconciling, and Evaluating Transactions
  • Creating financial reports
  • Preparing quarterly, monthly, and annual financial statements
  • Monitoring revenue and expenditures

Benefits of NAV/ Business Central in Finance

At Navisionindia, you can come across Navision for Finance and ensure extensive financial management across planning, budgeting, and expenditures. This helps improve operational efficiency and better manage financial resources as well. For the most part, Dynamics 365 Business Central is introduced (an upgrade to NAV) that delivers extended capabilities to enhance financial management and steer scalability.

Interestingly, you can deploy Business Central both as on-premise and cloud ERP, whatever suits your business environment and requirement the best. However, both these software solutions are widely deployed to manage financials, including

  • Configuring all the economic processes and customized the configuration so that the solution fits the individual company.
  • Analyzing accounts and standard posting groups that helps streamline the process of assigning standard ledger bookkeeping accounts to customers, suppliers, and goods.
  • Applying incoming payments, reconciling bank accounts during payment application, and accumulating outstanding balances.
  • Considering pre-payment before shipping to your customers and following the same with vendors before they ship to you.
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts and transferring funds between bank accounts.
  • Setting up intercompany partners and process transactions between legal entities within the same organization.
  • Comprehending Actual vs Budgeted costs of operations, departments, products, and projects to cost centers.
  • Managing inventory and manufacturing costs, report costs, and reconcile costs with General Ledge. It includes combining General Ledger entries from multiple companies in one integrated company for financial analysis.

With the deployment of the right financial system, you can get the most out of your data, anticipate market trends, and take a competitive lead. Moreover, centralizing your data from finance helps you have an overview of the organization’s gains and losses. You can have an real-time analytics to make well-informed financial decisions and drive lucrative outcomes for your business.

As we know that Dynamics NAV is now closed off to new businesses; SMBs looking to deploy Microsoft’s Cloud ERP solution can go for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Those who are already running on NAV will automatically be redirected to Dynamics 365 Business Central and Navisionindia caters to all such requirements across business upgrade efficiently.

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