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Your industry, company, organization is growing with unique business challenges. If your competition is high due to different operation and you are not able to find a financial, supply chain management system to address them. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is made for companies like yours. Navision provides you an easier access to all business data with easier operations of working. It provides a way to beat the market with this solution.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed for the small and medium sized business, it is easy to use, easy to maintain, an adaptable, robust business management solution for these businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV will meet your business needs, as well as your budget. Every industry have different and unique concept of operations. In NAV there are solutions for the different industry and it is highly customizable such as:

Construction Management:

Centralizes your critical Estimate, Whole Project Management, Sales Management, Permit Management, Labor Management, Financial Management, Company better manage budgets, Schedules, Field Activities, Customer relationships Management and the bottom line.

Construction Management erp
Consumer packaged goods Management:

Supply chain, Deliver right product at the right time, Customer self-service, Strategic Sourcing, and fee-based services and pricing are challenging small and midsize businesses to think in new ways about their business, their relationships, and the value they provide in the:

Consumer packaged goods Management
Distribution & inventory Management:

Wholesale distributors increase their profits by  controlling and managing inventory. They can increase customer demands by responding more quickly to customers, accelerating spread of manufacturers across the globe, rapidly pursue new market opportunities, improve profitability, improve inventory management, Handling order processing and demand planning.

Distribution & inventory Management erp system
Food and beverage:

Track products in real-time from the manufacturer to the retailer by seamlessly connecting your business systems with personal productivity tools. It lowers inventory cost, Implement integrated RFID systems with the rest of the technology infrastructure, etc.

Food and beverage erp