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How to Adjust Exchange Currency Rates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has an in-built ultimate feature to adjust exchange currency rates. This latest version allows you to get special service of update exchange currency rates. It is time saving services, if you need to handle multiple exchange currency rates; NAV 2016 completely assists you to keeping your transactions properly.

How you can adjust exchange currency rates? With the help of a couple of steps you can update exchange rates: -

1) Firstly, in the Search Box you have to enter Currencies and then select the related link. 2) Pop-up the Currency window and then select the line code with Currency which you want to update. On the Action Tab you can choose the Exchange Rates. 3) In the Exchange Currency Rates window you have to fill all the required fields and then press the F1 Button for more specific information. 4) Close the Exchange Currency Rates window. 5) In last step, you just have to run the Exchange Currency Rates where you have updated and then check it’s working accurately or not.

It is an ultimate feature of exchange currency rates, so you can conveniently save your precious time. If you are interested in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Services, we are always here for you. Even if you have any queries on this function or others, contact “Navision India”.

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