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How Microsoft Dynamics NAV streamlines processes in manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry faces several challenges like growing competition, sluggish growth, emerging low-cost products, better quality, growing customer expectations, & global compliance. In such a scenario, what you need is a robust business tool that enables you to deliver what your customers want & when they want. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an easily adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that improves manufacturing process efficiency, enabling manufacturers to effectively manage production.

How Microsoft Dynamics NAV streamlines processes in manufacturing industry?

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Dynamics NAV connects sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and stock management while enabling manufacturers to plan capacity precisely, direct production processes flexible and in detail and use production resources efficiently. With Dynamics NAV, multi-location, multi-national businesses can make accurate promises to customers; respond quickly to last-minute requests and changes, and take advantage of new business opportunities to stay ahead in the competition. Dynamics NAV offers a collaborative, social environment with the flexibility of switching from the high-level picture to the drill down details as and when needed.

Dynamics NAV Manufacturing includes

Agile Manufacturing:- This function enables users to design rush orders, make exceptions and resolve last-minute changes to manufacturing processes through interactive planning and tracking. Furthermore, Dynamics NAV allows you to add capacities to manufacturing processes, set up specific routings for production orders and better manage material requirements planning.

Capacity Planning:- Dynamics NAV enables you to optimize the design of the warehouse and space utilization. You can set up routings and use these routings on production orders and in material requirements planning. View loads and the task list for the capacities.

Demand Forecasting:- Dynamics NAV enables you to manage demand forecasting based on items. You can input demand (sales) forecasts for products and components in a more convenient way (daily, monthly, or quarterly). Based on this data, you can plan and create production and purchase orders while considering demand forecast together with the level of available inventory and parameters of requirement planning.

Finite Loading:- Dynamics NAV ensures that no more work is assigned to a work center than its capacity. Finite Loading is used with the Order Promising module to enable the system to calculate capable-to-promise (CTP).

Machine Centre Management:- Machine Center module is designed to manage the individual capacity of one machine unit or production. Machine Center enables users to store more default information about manufacturing processes, such as setup time or default scrap percentage.

Production Bill of Materials:- This feature allows the integration of diversified and customized bills of materials. Manufacturers can easily create, track and run different versions of bills of materials and processes. Dynamics NAV offers independent functionalities for assigning labor to purchase orders, requisitioning POs to BOMs and tracking labor costs of production runs.

Production Order:- Dynamics NAV enables you to create and manage production orders and forecast consumptions against manufacturing data. Once the production order is created, you can calculate net requirements based on that production order. Dynamics NAV makes it easier to make production purchasing decisions based on the data.

Supply Planning:- Dynamics NAV enables you to optimize material requirements based on demand with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning.

Version Management:- Create and manage different versions of the manufacturing bill of materials and routings which can also be tracked.

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