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How is Microsoft Dynamics NAV the right choice for hospitality industry?

Hospitality ERP Software

Food & beverage, travel & tourism and accommodation are the main business types that fall under the hospitality category. You could be running any type of hospitality business, but it requires high proficiency to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. Since success in hospitality sector largely depends on the customer satisfaction; it is essential that you give your best at every go, while managing the reservations or serving clients in any other manner. Complexities related to smooth management of accommodation, table reservations, correct order delivery and many other activities need to addressed smartly. In order for you to put your best foot forward, you must be aware of latest technologies that are used in hospitality sector. You need to install powerful hospitality management software to arm your employees with every information they need to generate more productivity at a faster speed. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ultimate hospitality ERP solution you need to have to gain complete control over you in-house activities and make the most of your investment.

NAV benefits that you've been awaiting for your hospitality business

As an end-to-end business software system, MSD NAV streamlines your business operations by providing you multiple faster solutions that are listed below.

  1. It efficiently manages all your staff member related information

  2. Smartly prevents losses and theft

  3. Helps in planning for meals in advance and supports ingredient orders

  4. Assists in planning appropriate business strategy as per your analyzed sales

  5. With its high-end calculating prowess, it helps you in managing correct dish pricing to ensure a decent profit.

  6. You can also cut down on wastage by calculating right amount of food items to be prepared as per the selling requirements.

  7. It helps in avoiding table bookings' disorders due to the incoming rush to assure proper space and timing for customers.

  8. NAV as a hospitality ERP software helps you in giving your customers memorable time that assures their revisit and develops mutual loyalty.

  9. It also helps with precise delivery, promotions, meal deals and offers.

  10. To build long business relations with your customers, it automatically adds loyalty points to their account.

  11. Other powerful functionalities to manage your staff with easy roaster planning, scheduled shifts, staffing salary codes setups.

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