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How does Microsoft Dynamics AX help in improving inventory management?

For organizations, inventory management is very important in order to understand what is required, when it required and in what quantity. Without proper inventory management, you’ll pay your employees to spend time sifting through files, sending spreadsheets to one another, manually write all reports, or visit the warehouse every time there’s uncertainty regarding stock. A good inventory management solution eliminates manual tasks, enabling your employees to focus on work while offering you complete control over your organization. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a smart multi-language, multi-currency Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that offers you the flexibility to manage inventory and purchasing according to your needs.

Dynamics AX for Inventory Management

With support for multi-site operations spanning different countries and regions, Dynamics AX offers region-specific statutory regulatory reporting enabling you to comply with local regulations and tax requirements. With a seamless flow of information across other functional areas such as production, master planning, trade, finance and CRM, Dynamics AX ensures a high degree of collaboration between logistics and other key areas of business, enabling more informed decision making. With Dynamics AX, you can efficiently match supply with customer demands to optimize inventory levels. With versatile options for managing Bills of Materials (BOMs), Dynamics AX ensures optimized fulfillment. With features like batch and serial numbers, dimensions, etc, Dynamics AX provides detailed inventory insights enabling direct access to information regarding items.

Core Capabilities of Dynamics AX for Inventory Management

  • Forecasting
  • Item dimensions
  • Storage dimensions
  • Advanced on-hand tracking
  • Quarantine management
  • ABC analysis
  • Bills of material (BOM) Management
  • Placement and storage
  • Graphical BOM designer
  • Inventory dimensions
  • Barcode support
  • Serial and batch number control
  • Random-location storage
  • Arrival journals
  • Warehouse locations
  • Pick & shipments
  • Output orders
  • Different pallet types
  • RFID & bar-coding
  • Quarantine management

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