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How Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Marketing Help In Improving Marketing Strategies

Some of the biggest pain points associated with marketing include faulty data and flawed customer insights. If your marketing campaigns are not yielding results then either you have bad customer data or duplicate accounts in the CRM system. Furthermore, inaccurate customer insight makes it hard to identify unmet customer needs. For successful marketing efforts, clean data alongside actionable customer insights to deliver personalized experiences are crucial. Personalization and segmentation helps in achieving your business objectives while increasing your ROI. How can you deliver a seamless personalized experience and provide value if you don't have clean data that helps you understand the behavior and needs of the individuals within your target audience? Well, Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a leading cloud-based marketing automation solution that transforms every customer interaction into a marketing opportunity and harness the undiscovered potential within your customer base.

With marketing management and automation capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables you to market more effectively while improving productivity, and gain actionable insight into your marketing campaigns. D365 for Marketing track your customers’ journey from anonymous through to advocate, helping your sales and marketing teams to sell smarter by optimizing customers’ experiences. As a marketing app under the Dynamics 365 umbrella, Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with tools that are required by SMBs to execute successful marketing campaigns across several channels.

With high-end templates that can be extensively customized, Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables users to market products/ services with targeted messages and activities, depending on either timing, or in response to customer interactions. These personalized, automated interactions help nurture leads and move them along the pipeline. Leveraging Common Data Model to store and share data with other apps, Dynamics 365 for Marketing integrates tightly with other branches of the Dynamics CRM system, such as Sales and Customer Service, thus reducing the inefficiencies associated with duplicate data while enabling your sales and marketing teams to collaborate more effectively.

With extensive tools that deliver in-depth tracking of customer journeys, Dynamics 365 for Marketing is far more powerful than many entry-level cloud marketing platforms. Organizations that have outgrown the basic, native marketing functionality of other Dynamics 365 apps such as Sales should invest money in D365 for Marketing to enhance their marketing strategies.

Key features of Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Customer journey creation – To create campaigns and generate leads, you need to map out the customer journey. This gives you an idea of how a customer goes from discovering your business, to learning more about your product or service. Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with a drag-and-drop customer journey builder that enables users to create unlimited numbers of custom workflows. These workflows help in automating marketing campaigns while streamlining marketing operations with event-driven automation.

Multichannel campaigns – With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can campaign across multitude of channels using templates and design tools. You can easily create professional-looking branded emails, lead capture forms, and dynamic landing pages, with a focus on driving conversions. SMS/ text messaging and social media campaigns can also be executed using D365 for Marketing; however, for greater control over social media marketing, the app integrates with Microsoft Social Engagement.

Event management – Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with event management feature that delivers extensive functionality for planning event logistics such as venue and speaker management, registrations, scheduling, and tracking attendance.

Webinars Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers seamless integration with third-party webinar platforms enabling you to arrange, manage, and deliver webinars.

Lead management – With intuitive lead management tools, Dynamics 365 for Marketing help you to track, score, and nurture leads more effectively. D365 for Marketing features automated lead-scoring system to qualify leads at every stage of the customer journey based on predetermined rules, such as email engagement, website visits, and event registration. Lead scoring system encourages salespeople to focus on the most lucrative areas. With customizable lead dashboards, marketers get an overview of lead health based on parameters including lead age, interactions, and pipeline progression. D365 for Marketing enables you to automatically sync up leads captured on LinkedIn with Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Marketing insights – With rich analytical capabilities, Dynamics 365 for Marketing collects and scrutinizes data to offer actionable insights. Dynamics 365 for Marketing also features Azure-based business intelligence service i.e. Customer Insights that enables you to have an exhaustive and informative picture of your customers. By integrating CI with Marketing, you can see detailed interaction reports for every piece of content deployed throughout your customer's journey.

Dynamics 365 Portals – With customer portal feature, companies can manage their profile, attendance, registrations, and other information related to speakers and event timetables. Customer engagement content and online surveys can also be managed through the tool.

The Bottom Line

By automating all marketing processes and supporting the entire customer journey, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps you get more qualified leads, more personal and well-timed communication with higher conversion. D365 for Marketing also offers predictions, enabling you to gain insight into all your marketing activities. D365 Marketing delivers customer journey visible across all departments i.e. sales, marketing and service departments.

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