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Hospitality Management Software to Step Ahead

Hospitality industry needs to cater customers in such a manner that they feel delightful and comfortable throughout their journey with you. Since good customer service is essential for a flourishing business and to keep a loyal customer base for future referrals; technology can play a vital role in meeting this aim. Hospitality management software paves the way for hospitality industry by managing all back office operations, possible challenges and delivering personalized experience to every guest. Hospitality ERP software helps in providing great transparency to customers with real-time information.

Several companies still use expensive IT solutions (legacy systems) to manage customers, financial and other operations. For an industry that goes through rapid changes everyday, operational excellence is mandatory to stay ahead in the competition. Hospitality ERP system provide tailor-made solution for each sector in hospitality industry like hotels, restaurants, spas, casinos, etc. Fast implementation of ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics can result in reduction of multiple software used that also leads to lesser business risks. Smooth service bookings with proper time management, multiple payment methods, refunds & returns, printed receipts in multiple sizes, discounts and coupons, etc.; all these attributes of the hospitality ERP system are the center of attraction that every business would want for a smooth business. Furthermore, it also provides integrated information across entire organization with a single database for property management, accounting, supply chain, customer relation management, etc. that bring more power at your hands.

Recognizing multiple challenges of hospitality sector, Navision India brings integrated hospitality ERP solutions that offers simplified business with multiple modules like reception, booking, finances, extended reservations central (CRX), time sharing, management control, collections and cash control, invoicing, business intelligence, POS, halls & events and various other additional modules. With our technical experts, we offer global model of the ERP through consulting, implementation, integration and complete support.

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