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Have you noticed TimeStamp Field in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016?

These days, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is the latest version of Dynamics NAV, offering state-of-the-art features that facilitate you to work in new and better ways. MS Dynamics NAV 2016 has wrapped with a couple of features, but in the list of features there is a hidden field that is TimeStamp Field. Do you know anything about TimeStamp Field? It stores the row version numbers of records and managed in a SQL Server Table in Dynamics NAV. But now, this feature is available in the development environment as per the popular request and also bringing the new ways or ideas for data synchronization and integration as well. It is also used for redesigning the CRM integration in Dynamics Navision 2016. The steps of how to set up the TimeStamp Field in SQL Server Table: - - First of all, you have to open the table in the development environment, then add a field with the data type of BigInteger. - And then specify the name of the field such as TimeStamp or you can specify the field name as per your convenience. - In the last step, you just have to set the properties with “Yes” of TimeStamp. Here is an example of TimeStamp Field: - Add a new entry in the table with TimeStamp Field: “Field No.” = 40000 “Field Name” = Time_Stamp “Data Type” = BigInteger “SQL TimeStamp” = Yes Even if you want to get Microsoft Dynamics NAV development services you can connect with us.

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