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Flow of Inbound Warehouse Management System

Are you searching software for your distribution company? Even If you may begin to wonder, you should be looking for an Enterprise Resource Planning Software or Warehouse Management System. Prior to adopting any software, distributors have a couple of questions, such as: What is the difference between ERP & WMS? Should we get both? How do they work together? But, now we are talking about flows of the Inbound Warehouse Management System. It is part of a complete warehouse solution, where all transactions take place in real time. WMS Inbound processes support purchase orders, transfer orders and sales return orders. Flow of Warehouse Management System: - - Put-Away operations can be created from the scanner and the user is guided through the warehouse on the most direct path. - Inventory receiving can be done from the door and avoid unnecessary registration processes. - Adjust the quantity on the purchase order. - Active quality control in which items must be checked and ensures that product is available or not in the warehouse can be handled by Dynamics NAV. - You can add new purchase lines from the scanner, if extra products are received. It can be a hard decision to choose the best ERP Software. Many ERP Systems allow for organizations, they can integrate Warehouse Management System with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. So, that distributor can conveniently manage everything in their WMS business with accuracy. “Navision India” is leading organization in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Services. If you have any query regarding Enterprise Resource Planning Software, WMS, Dynamics NAV integration services, etc. – let’s connect with us.

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