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Enhance Ecommerce Capabilities with Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

E-commerce operations, especially in B2B, are and have always been going through a rigorous transformation. The market keeps changing, keeps evolving, and so the customers’ approach of their purchasing journey changes too.

As a result, more and more e-commerce companies are adding an online sales channel to their business for real-time connectivity and greater transparency across their entire operation. Among all the inventive and extensively orchestrated business management solutions, Business Central for Ecommerce offers exclusive capabilities to manage all the operations from a single instance and help a business keep pace with the growing market.

Those who are missing such an advanced system are losing opportunities to growth and scalability.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

By leveraging the elemental capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central for Ecommerce, you can ensure more power to your team for increased performance and multiplying revenue.

It is obvious that the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. An inventively engineered B2B e-commerce platform offered under Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration can let you improve your customer experience with simplified features. These may include selling outside office hours (or during store closures) and offering customer-specific catalogs, and prices.

These features help
  • Optimize Your Business Efficiency
  • Improve Your Internal Processes
  • Reduce Operational Costs

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can avail of
  • Easier And Faster Checkout
  • Easy Repeat Ordering
  • Quicker Delivery
  • Improved Tracking to deliver improved B2B buying experience and hold their interest in your brand for long.

Why Business Central for Ecommerce?

As we can see that most B2B businesses have complex ordering processes, large collections of data, and elaborated back-end systems. Moreover, many B2B sales portals are trying to recreate the same user experience of a B2C business by offering their consumers wish lists, simple checkout processes, and cross- and upselling. Experts have found that deploying such retail strategies can boost online B2B sales and drive substantial benefits to the business organization.

Business Central exclusively offers a B2B e-commerce platform that helps business administrators accurately deliver against all types of complex order requirements. Here, you can connect with certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners who accomplish this by rendering proven ecommerce solutions for the SMB Market.

Acclaimed as an astute and experienced Business Central Partner, we can let you drive optimum business outcomes via deep integration across Microsoft Business Central in real-time. Our rich expertise and experience can help you enhance your web store capabilities and give your customers the ability to take orders wherever and whenever they want.

Connecting with a partner like us can let you unveil many more ways to progress and innovate with this highly scalable and advanced sales software solutions and regular upgrades.

To avail of Business Central for Ecommerce, you can connect with us at info@navisionindia.in
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