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Dynamics Navision Modules

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a robust ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for the organizations. Dynamics NAV modules purely helps you to manage every aspects of the organization. This business management software brings user streamline experience and technology innovations such as access business information, ERP integration, improve organizational productivity and quality, enhance reporting capabilities, etc.

There are various modules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:
  • Finance: Finance module provides accounting and finance solutions. With the help of this module organizations can conveniently manage payables, general ledger, inventory, receivables, fixed assets, cash flow and many more.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting: It brings the wide range analytical tools for creating consolidate and complex report. It also gives the feature of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and dashboard facility through these, users can direct access the organization information.
  • Manufacturing: With the help of manufacturing organizations can boost their efficiencies and manage production, bills of materials, capacity requirement planning, work orders and supply planning.
  • Supply Chain: It manages the flow of goods and services. It shows the comprehensive process of goods from manufacturers to wholesaler to consumer.
  • Sales & Marketing: In Sales & Marketing, this term is mainly used for successful business growth. Making sales, it consists of telephone calls, one-on-one interaction meetings, etc. for building customer relationship.
  • Service Management: In which organizations handle the profitable decisions such as quickly responds to service requests, response times, schedules, pricing and customer preferences. It manages all aspects of service orders.
  • Project Management: In which, enterprises manage projects from start to completion for budgeting, resource planning and billing. Also handles the cost estimation and expenses of the projects.
  • Human Resources: HR (Human Resources) organizing and controlling the information of the employees. HR figure-out the report of the employees.

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