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Dynamics 365 for Talent Acquisition


Dynamics 365 is a full-blown talent and HCM management cloud application suite which can help you with all aspects of talent acquisition and core HCM operations management.

Dynamics 365 For Talent has three core modules as below:

  • Attract (attract talent, so that you can hire the right people)
  • Onboard (onboard employees, so that you can set them up for success)
  • Core HR Operations (HR operational efficiency and manage day to day HR activities.

Attract : hire the right people

Talent Management always begins with having the required Job openings. Using Dynamics 365 Talent, you can create new jobs and specify position (Hiring Manager or Recruiter) and you can import jobs from an Excel file just by dragging and dropping the file.

You can define additional job settings such as a detailed job description, job location details and also a reference to an external job posting as "LinkedIn", "Indeed", "Monster" etc.

You can easily create your Hiring team (Hiring manager, interviewer, recruiter etc.). You can chose people from your organization (Office 365).

Since each job listing can be linked to an external job posting on LinkedIn/Indeed/Monster, job applications from those portals can be directly converted to applicants of the job in Attract experience of Dynamics 365 for Talent. Along wih this, you can also able to add applicants manually or add several applicants at once, by simply dragging and dropping an excel file.

By adding applicants, you can link their linked in profile directly into the applicant profile and it will pull information from LinkedIn right into Talent app. After adding as job applicants, Dynamics 365 automatically can send email notification eamilt to the applicant, and she/he can stay connected and know the proceedings of the job application. Additionally, applicant can simply sign up to Dynamics 365 for Talent using his LinkedIn credentials and stay up to date with the proceedings.

At the Application level, you can upload Resume/Cover Letter etc. by simply dragging and dropping files and you can able to see candidates resume right within Talent (Office 365 integration).


The Recruiter/Hiring manager can manage Notes and Request the candidate for availability by selecting some date proposals. Using Dynamics 365, the Candidate is get automatic email notifications for availability request on his/her smartphone. Candidate can also able to review the details and respond to the request with his/her preferred date.

The Recruiter/Hiring manager can confirm the interview date asper their calanders through Dynamics 365 Talent. The recruiter can also select the interviewers from the Hiring Team or even add other participants and invite the team to schedule the interview.

The recruiter can select additional date proposals for the interviewers and also indicate the Candidate's preferred/confirmed date. They can chose to include an online meeting, which in turn would include details of a Skype for business meeting details or Microsoft Team meeting info automatically into the meeting request. All this leverages because of tight integration with Office 365.

Recruiter can also be able to look into calendar availabilities of the Interview team right within Dynamics 365. The interviewers will get notified automatically via email and the candidate will also be updated accordingly.

The hiring team members and others can submit their feedback in real time and mention strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.

At the end, when the candidate is finalized and ready to be hired, you can go to the Prepare offer experience to create and send offer to the candidate.

Will continue this further in next post.   :)

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