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Do You Know the Dynamics NAV 2017 Financial Enhancements?

Microsoft continues to stand apart in the market by surprising us with amazing innovations in its technologies. Its ERP product, Dynamics Navision is considered the most reliable and cost-effective for enterprises. It has undergone several upgrades since its launch, among which 2017 version is the latest. Being a robust business solution, it is quick to implement, easy to use and able to support all business aims that keeps it enhanced and ahead in competition. In the latest version, there are some other features such as account schedules, account categories, payment reconciliation journal, cash flow forecasts and financial reports behind Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Financial enhancements listed below:

General Ledger account categories and subcategories are available in chart of accounts

  • G/L account can now be categorized with two new fields on the G/L card account category and account subcategory.

  • Selecting G/L accounts that fall in an individual subcategory, which in turn also comes under a predefined category.

  • Account categories are backed by Financial Reports.

  • When we update account category mapping, account schedule update automatically.

  • You can also view the total amount with different categories.

Improved Payment Reconciliation in NAV 2017

  • Payment reconciliation functionality in Dynamics NAV 2017 has undergone a couple of minor improvements.

  • These improvements show the total amount and you can also drill into this amount to see transactions that haven't been reconciled.

Fixed Assets Improvements

  • Options for creating new fixed assets come with a standard setup.

  • With some new journal features, you can also post fixed assets purchase transactions.

  • Here, you're able to register fixed assets purchases through a special G/L journal.

Improved Incoming Documents

  • In NAV 2017, with the new filter function on the list of incoming documents, user can choose to view just the documents that have not been processed.

  • Reducing the number of entries, the list of incoming documents is filtered.

  • OCR support is also available for the document lines.

US Financial Reports

Four new reports have been introduced in the US version of the Dynamics NAV 2017 that are:

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash flow statement

  • income statement

  • retained earnings statement

With all these financial enhancements in the NAV 2017, you shall go for Navision migration to make the most of your business investment. Navision India has hired professed MS Dynamics NAV consultant to provide you error-free NAV data migration. You can also opt for complete Navision consulting services to know what works best for your business.

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