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Deliver Better Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The dynamic global environment has changed the way customers engage with brands. In this digitally connected world, customer experience is considered as the key brand differentiator. Customers want fast, accurate, and flawless execution of service. Indeed, customer behavior is driving the transformation, compelling organizations to shift the way they interact with consumers. In order to deliver differentiated, consistent, & personalized customer experience, organizations are looking for smart business applications.

Deliver Better Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is a smart business solution that helps in meeting the ever-evolving challenges across the customer service landscape. D365 Customer Service enables you to efficiently handle customers’ cases while delivering a unified experience across multiple channels. Dynamics 365 helps in maximizing brand loyalty while adding value at every touch point enabling you to engage your customers on their terms, whether it’s through self-help, employee assisted, or on-site service.

Deliver Value at Every Touch Point:- With the self-service portal, Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables customers to find answers for their queries. Furthermore, intelligent routing of cases ensures that customer’s case would reach the right agent for a quick resolution. Built on a responsive web design principle, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service App provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device, or orientation. D365 for Customer Service enables easy access to updated customer service information using cross-platform mobile apps.

Key Business Insights:- Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables organizations to track customer service cases through the full customer service cycle, from registration to resolution. With a 360-degree view of the customer including the history of interactions, user preferences, and relevant customer information, D365 Customer Service enables agents to engage with the consistency and personalization that customers they expect.

Agent Enablement:- Dynamics 365 Customer Service brings complete customer information from multiple channels into a single service request, enabling agents to engage proactively with customers. Real-time insights through interactive dashboards and data visualizations enable agents to identify trends to explore opportunities. SLA timers and entitlements help agents to deliver a more personalized & effective level of support.

Unified Knowledge:- Knowledge Base in Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides users quick access to documentation, articles, and even digital content. Knowledge Base, further, delivers automatic suggestions in search results based on certain fields, enabling agents to deliver the right answers at the right time across channels. Personalized content, such as images and videos, on the portal for customers, increases first-time resolution rate.

Business Intelligence:- Predictive Analytics enable agents to proactive customer service decisions. With valuable insights from various sources including social interactions, agents can easily identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and explore what-if scenarios to improve service performance. Built-in business intelligence helps in drilling deep into customer data from multiple sources including third-party applications to get actionable business insights that can be used to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Case Management:- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables organizations to efficiently serve customers through wide range case management options. With D365 Customer Service, agents can use incident based cases. With this, organizations can track customer service activities while empowering agents to track actions and communications based on incident entity. Case Management tools in Dynamics 365 Customer Service allow agents to easily manage the entire case lifecycle.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):- Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables organizations to define the level of service or support which they need to offer to customers through service level agreements (SLAs). Organizations can further define key performance indicators (KPIs) to attain the service level. The triggering conditions in SLA help in issuing timely warnings to the teams. SLA can be associated with Case entity.

The Bottom Line If you’re looking for a business application that seamlessly integrates with your existing system to deliver superior levels of service to customers then Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the best fit solution for your business. With D365 Customer Service, you can easily engage with customers while improving service levels with responsiveness.

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