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Connect to Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Power BI

With Power BI, you can visualize all your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data in one place, uncovering new insights for better business decisions.

Getting insights into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data is easy with Power BI. Power BI retrieves your data, both Sales and Financial, then builds an app with a dashboard and reports based on that data. Power BI needs your permissions to the tables where data is retrieved from, in this case sales and finance data. More details on requirements below. After you install the app, you can view the dashboard and reports in the Power BI service (https://powerbi.com), and in the Power BI mobile apps.

System requirements

To import your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data into Power BI, you need to have permissions to the sales and finance data tables where data is retrieved from (listed above). The tables are also required to have some data, empty tables will currently fail to import.


Power BI uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV's web services to retrieve data. If you have a lot of data in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance, a suggestion to minimize the impact on your web service usage is to change the refresh frequency depending on your needs. Another thing you can consider, one admin create the app and share it instead of having every admin create their own.

Get a global view

When you connect to Power BI, your data is displayed on an out-of-the-box dashboard showcasing important metrics from the dataset. View metrics on sales, monthly goals, revenues vs. expenses and more.

Drill down to gain new insights

Click on any visual on the dashboard to bring up one of seven underlying reports. Filter the report or add fields that you want to monitor. Pin this customized view to the dashboard to continue tracking.

Refresh on your schedule

The dashboard and underlying reports refresh daily. You can control the refresh schedule and modify the frequency on the dataset.

Experience your data

Connect to what matters to you. Excel spreadsheets, on-premises data sources, big data, streaming data, and cloud services: it doesn't matter what type of data you want or where it lives, connect to hundreds of data sources with Power BI.

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