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Comparing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Tally

India is an emerging market for business solution or ERP. All the small scale industry (85% companies) in India are using Tally as there accounting software but as they grow they are switching to Global ERP’s.

Here, we have provided some significant differences. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Vs Tally:

  • Incremental data Entry - There will be incremental data entry in Dynamics NAV as per role, tally its not possible.
  • Integration - Dynamics NAV has native framework to integrate with other product- HR, Payroll, Inventory etc. through web services. Tally its very difficult.
  • Reversal of Entry - Dynamics NAV dont allow to delete records or transactions, it can be only go through reversal process wherein Tally deletion is possible.
  • Scalability - Dynamics NAV has scalability Organisations can use it for all the departments- Sales, HR, Finance, Project etc. Wherein Tally has limitation.
  • Reports & BI – Dynamics NAV comes with inbuilt BI and multiple standard reports.
  • Microsoft Office integration - Microsoft Dynamics NAV has great compatibility with all the other Microsoft product.
  • Audit Trails - Dynamics NAV has audit trails for each activity.

Some Other Differences

  • Tally is a basic ERP software where as Dynamics NAV is advanced ERP software.
  • Tally is not a Multi Org Architecture Application wherein Dynamics NAV is supporting multi-compnay and multi currrency global accounting.
  • Tally has limited reporting capabilities wherin Dynamics NAV has reach capability for reports, and KPI Dashbaord
  • Tally is a tool to record your accounting details, not an ERP package.
  • Tally is not modularised like Dynamics NAV.

Tally accounting is working on 32 inbuilt groups where Dynamics NAV is based on Chart of accounts which varies customer to customer.

Tally does not has have any concepts of Product posting Group, Vat posting groups, Customer Posting Groups , Vendor Posting Groups, Inventory posting groups etc. where all these are a core setups of Dynamics NAV (Dynamics NAV cannot work without this setups).

Microsoft has clear vision and road map for their products (Dynamics NAV, Dynamcis AX, Dynamics 365 and Business Central). Recently Microsoft has released Dynamics 365 and Business Central. These are cloud based business solutions (ERP) and you can have advantage of other microsoft product (Microsoft Office, Outlook, Skype and Dynamics CRM) collabaration capabilities.

2 thoughts on “Comparing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Tally”

  1. Hi,
    I am Running My business using TALLY Erp 9 if i want to upgrade is Microsoft dynamics a good choice, if it is which version should i go with..?

    1. For organizations that want to upgrade from their entry-level accounting software or legacy ERP system, Microsoft has offered Dynamics 365 Business Central as newest SMB ERP. As a cloud based, Business Management Solution, this can help you in managing finances, operations, sales and customer service. However, it would be great if you share your exact requirements with us so that our Subject Matter experts can guide you through.

      You can mail us info @navisionindia.in OR call us on +91 120-456 2641

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