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Closely Examine Best Business Potential With Navision Salesforce Integration

Integration of an ERP and CRM brings multiple advantages for an organization. This process bridges gap between two applications that prevents from easily fetching data and information. Microsoft's Dynamics NAV is the platform that offers automated processes with minimized risks and time saving benefits when integrated with Salesforce CRM. It also offers significant help with sales enhancements for organizations. Merging the abilities of the two systems through integration, you are capable of streamlining large scale business operations and get a support for managing logistics, orders and fulfillment.

Nimble relies on robust ERP systems to streamline their large scale processes and operations. While the company already had MS Dynamics NAV (Navision) in place, inefficiencies were still evident in various operations of the company. For example, manual processes were still used to support logistics, orders and fulfillment. The sales staff had to enter Sales Order and Order Fulfillment data manually into NAV as they received consistent notifications from other staff members.

Following are some highlighted value adding advantages of the ERP CRM integration.

Reduced Manual Data Entry:

With integrated solution, you can avoid manual entry errors and also can put your resources on much rewarding tasks. You can also provide better services to your expanded customer base with accuracy in customer data.

Automate & Optimize Sales Process:

With rapidly increasing customer base, it becomes complex to accurately maintain customer relations. Navision integrated with Salesforce helps with managing huge network of clients, which ultimately leads to offer them best returns of their investments. This integration process also brings new opportunities with automatic creation of new orders in Dynamics NAV.

Take Better & Informed Decisions

The CRM integration allows you to improve customer activities and helps in saving a lot of time since entire information entered in one system is auto-updated on other system. Ultimately, entire information assists in making improved decisions for all customers individually.

Improve Customer Services

Using Navision for invoicing, administrative tasks, etc. and Salesforce for salespersons works as a useful tool for a company. Integration of two systems gives easy access to system for creating and updating orders in a flexible manner that results in providing better customer services.

Navision India has excelled in offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration to its domestic and international clients. With a team of ERP experts, we have assisted businesses in building market repute through managing smooth business profiles. Our set of Dynamics NAV integration services covers MSD NAV integration with CRMs, eCommerce platforms, Sharepoint, Office 365, POS system and other apps. Our ability to create business logics with right MS Dynamics NAV integration process makes us one of the most reliable name among our counterparts in the industry.

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